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A Beautifully Haunting Song: Until I Found You

By amclover | Clover's Pond | 19 Mar 2023

These last two nights I've gotten sentimental, not that sentimental, just not-sentimental-kind of sentimental (I'm getting absurd here :) — because of a song that was sung beautifully. It was a song called Until I Found You. Stephen Sanchez definitely came out with charming, low tone range of vocal. And a simple yet beautiful arrangement, as if I listen to a song back from the 50s.

old records


The melodies and the lyrics

Coming in with a catchy notes of guitar picking. Not too lose and bluesy. It goes smooth when Stephen's vocal enters gently, as if he wants the guitar to listen to him about something. Something beneath within. Georgia...

Let it out Sanchez, it's alright..

The song builds up when the guitar strums, again, a little bit intense and drum kicks in followed by dulcet bass line. Bum.. bum.. (sorry, I can't express the bass line sounds correctly using words :) — The song delicately melting, into an expression of a deep love as the lyric goes "I would never fall in... I was lost..." then ends with "...found you"

That is love right there :)

Back in time when I used to listen to tape records, by now the song would've sounded "too tired". I've been listening to this song over and over. Tens of times. Sometimes I sing while the record is playing. It's just soothing and relaxing. Thanks to earphones I can listen to it just about everywhere, for two days now!


Sanchez, Stephen Cristopher

Stephen Sanchez

The singer-singwriter composed the single of which then released in 2021, September 1st.

To this date he had many live performances including the last performance with Em Beihold, on February 2023.


That, and Youtube Algorithm. Yup, you know it. The song keeps popping on every section of Youtube. It's the algo doing its job noting what I have watched. Concerning? Just a little. Nothing to worry about. Everybody listens to music.

Many people say that old songs are the best. Maybe they are. Maybe because music industry was not as huge as today. Or maybe those old songs bring memories. Though, Until I Found You is not an old song, but the impression it brings is definitely haunting.

Now, let me listen the record again, lay back, closing my eyes slowly.

Georgia.. ♪♪


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