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The CloudCoin Wallet 

Build on Post-Blockchain RAIDA technology



User Interface Design


Let us introduce you to our unique technology – the first and only of its kind!

Our mission is to provide a “perfect” global currency that cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, mined or lost; a first-ever created digital currency that is 100% private, requires no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption; a currency that cannot be controlled, tracked, or stolen; a monetary system that is absolutely fair and ethical that can be utilized by all people around the world.

CloudCoinTM – The world’s first Cloud Currency! 

The Perfect Global Digital Currency!

CloudCoin is a Digital Currency. That cannot be counterfeited, controlled, tracked or stolen. CloudCoins cannot be double spent, mined or lost. It is 100% private and requires no public ledgers, accounts, or encryption. CloudCoin is a completely fair and ethical monetary system.

Our goal at the CloudCoin Consortium is to make our digital currency accessible and usable for everyone, regardless of experience. We believe that digital currency should be easy to use by people from every walk of life, as well as have the best security and privacy available anywhere.

The CloudCoin Wallet with SkyWallet Technology is the first DApp of its kind for secured digital currency transactions.

The first non-crypto ledger to have data supremacy and be quantum-resistant based on post-blockchain RAIDA technology!

There are no fees, no accounts, no waits. There is no tracking. It is totally secure and 100% anonymous - Just Perfect!

RAIDA – Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents.

The RAIDA is a new authentication protocol (post-blockchain protocol) that is the first of its kind and the first true Cloud-based authentication system. Most authentication protocols require one password to be given to one server that is checked against one database. The RAIDA uses many passwords against many different servers each with a no-share database and it does it INSTANTANEOUSLY.


CloudCoin Wallet Dark Sky

Our DApp provides the ability to securely and rapidly fully transfer authenticated digital currency from person to person. One of the fantastic things about the CloudCoin wallets is that no email or other file transfer systems are needed.

This program is unique and will change many things and will make CloudCoin the preferred currency for everyone. The CloudCoin Wallet can even automatically make change and send CloudCoins from one person to another with the click of a button. Its transfer time may be the fastest of ANY payment system in the world. 

Coins can be sent to the change maker and returned within seconds. This means that a user can perform two transactions (sending money and ensuring authenticity, then sending change and ensuring authenticity) in less time than it takes to approve a Visa payment. Transactions can reach 8 million per second (TPS).

CloudCoin also makes things easy by only using integer denominations (whole numbers like customary money), which are designated as 1, 5, 25, 100, or 250 CloudCoins rather than the complicated fractions as seen in cryptocurrencies.

The CloudCoin Wallet can handle 400 notes simultaneously but can be increased to 4,000 in the settings. Coins can be password-protected and embedded with recovery information (more functionality for this will be added later).

The CloudCoin Wallet runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux and works uniformly. The CloudCoin Wallet has a GUI that is intuitive and easy to use. Users can choose between two skins.


The unique part of the CloudCoin Wallet is SkyWallet software.

SkyWallet is a storage system built on RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents). The SkyWallet is the first non-crypto ledger that has data-supremacy and is quantum-resistant. Through the use of data-shredding and transmitting the shards of data to twenty-five different Clouds hidden all over the world, each of which is independently passcode-protected, it is mathematically impossible for even a quantum computer to hack a CloudCoin transmission.

SkyWallet software is a "Trusted Transfer" technology. Trusted Transfer will prevent someone from sending counterfeit coins. Trusted Transfer will also prevent someone from receiving counterfeit coins. This means that coins can be sent and received without risk of someone falsely claiming that they received counterfeit coins. Trusted Transfer should be used whenever sending coins to an unknown or untrusted party. With the new wallet, no private information is required to send money, nor is there a need to register or become a member with a username and password. Sending money is entirely anonymous.

Trusted Transfer gives you the ability to receive CloudCoins that you know are authentic. However, when you use Trusted Transfer, you leave the world of CloudCoin that is 100% private and enter a pseudo anonymous private ledger. This means that Trusted Transfer Administrators could in theory look and see how much money each account has. They would also be able to know who you are if they do business with you. This is the exact same as it is with crypto currencies except for a few major differences:

  1. Customers can send CloudCoins to your Trusted Transfer and be completely anonymous.
  2. The Trusted Transfer does not track transaction but only how much money you have in your Skywallet. There is no recored of activities.
  3. You can download all the money from your account and then it is impossible for anyone to know that you have that money.
  4. It is not a public ledger so only a few people could conceivably see it.
  5. It is much easer to dump accounts and create new ones and only takes a few seconds to do so.
  6. If you don't share your account with anyone then it will stay a secret.

However, receiving money requires that you have a CloudCoin installed in your wallet. When you choose and use a CloudCoin to receive, we call that a "SkyWallet." Your wallet uses the serial number from the CloudCoin for your account’s identification. We can then associate a familiar name with the CloudCoin serial number in a DNS server of your choice. Right now, we offer names on the domain for free, but any domain is possible.

SkyWallet provides some essential functionality:

✅ CloudCoins can now be sent from person to person without needing email or other file transfer systems. Most transfers take less than two seconds.

✅ Both the sender and receiver know the coins being sent are good, creating trusted trades.

✅ SkyWallet allows for addressing so that anyone can have an easy-to-remember address. My SkyWallet address, for example, is These addresses will allow us to create greater trust with trading because people must own the DNS domain to put their names in it. Now CloudCoin has the best addressing of any digital currency. Compare a CloudCoin address to a typical bitcoin address like 1PMycacnJaSqwwJqjawXBErnLsZ7RkXUAs.

✅ The change-making system is now fully automated. This is something unique to CloudCoin because only CloudCoin is discrete and has denominations. CloudCoin has now proven that digital currencies can have denominations and are more efficient as a result.

✅ SkyWallets make it much easier to create liquidity software, including exchanges, stores, merchant websites, tokens, and video games.


Our first payment systems for the new exchange have been roughly completed. We have PayPal and Stripe. We will now put everything together and test the whole system. We will then start adding payment systems from around the world. Our goal is to have at least twenty-five unique and independent payment systems for fault tolerance.

New Protocols can put SkyWallets Everywhere

We believe we have a DApp that is superior to any crypto wallet. If there is any reason someone believes otherwise, please let us know so we can have the opportunity to improve it.

We will start making CloudCoin the most liquid currency in the world. Right now, PayPal is the most liquid. They will be a tough act to beat because they have the support of the government and they have been around for twenty years. Our first goal must be to become more liquid than bitcoin and other digital currencies. Keep in mind that CloudCoin has no fees, so that already gives us an advantage.

CloudCoin Wallet with SkyWallet function is a really pioneering application that could be used in a wide array of industries and verticals, including Fintech, E-commerce, and Private Sector for ultra-fast (8 million TPS), secured, anonymous, and No Transaction Fees money transactions.

Thanks to everyone for working so hard on the CloudCoin Wallet!

The new software can be downloaded here, along with links to a handbook and video tutorial. A fun "learn and earn" program has been launched to reward users for downloading the software, learning about its functionality, and providing feedback. There are additional opportunities to earn CloudCoins by sharing your experiences with friends and through social media.

RAIDA–Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents

The RAIDA is a new authentication protocol (post-Blockchain protocol) that is the first of its kind and the first true Cloud-based authentication system. Most authentication protocols require one password to be given to one server that is checked against one database. The RAIDA uses many passwords against many different servers, each with a no-share database, and this process happens INSTANTANEOUSLY.

RAIDA has already proven its value and significance as the backbone of CloudCoin, the world’s most successful post-Blockchain Digital Currency. CloudCoin is utilized as a means of exchange throughout the world and has a market capitalization exceeding $30 million.

RAIDA technology is challenging existing players in the DLT space with bespoke post-blockchain solutions.


✅ 23,000 times faster than Blockchain and will reach 8 million TPS.

(3e+21) three-sextillion times more secure than Blockchain and simply cannot be hacked or compromised, even by quantum computers.

41,000 times more efficient than Blockchain, which means less cost to the user and less damage to the environment.

Unlike Blockchain, RAIDA is fully scalable and grows faster and more efficient as the network grows. Any Blockchain will slow down the more users or more data it handles.

Executive Resume

In 2008, the person or persons known as “Satoshi Nakamoto” introduced a revolutionary advancement affecting technology, finance, sociology, and other fields with the advent of distributed ledger technology. Nakamoto was the first person (or group of people) to solve what computer scientists call ‘the physical integrity problem,’ allowing for the creation of the first widely-accepted digital currencies that could not be copied or double-spent.

That was over a decade ago.

Distributed ledger technology (DLT, also known as blockchain) also promised to provide solutions for every problem from currency inflation to world hunger to global warming.

The hype has not been the reality. Blockchain technology has been hampered by the inability to efficiently scale, unreasonable transactional times, and overly complicated and dangerous consensus paradigms. Blockchain applications are immensely harmful to the environment, consuming more electricity each day than used by most nations. There has been progress in the application of DLT, but improvements have not come close to solving its fundamental weaknesses. DLT has failed to deliver on its promise to become a transformative innovation.

Meanwhile, continuous advances in quantum computing threaten to completely nullify the centerpiece of DLT: asymmetric elliptic curve cryptography.

The Quantum Era is near, if not already upon us, as many experts believe. Quantum computers rely on quantum mechanical phenomena like entanglement and superposition to operate on quantum bits of data (qubits). Traditional bits are binary: they are either ones or they are zeros. Qubits, essentially, can be ones, zeros, or both at the same time. A quantum computer can process data twenty million or more times faster than a traditional one.

The contest between quantum computers and DLT’s asymmetric cryptography has been likened to cutting hair with a knife—a single quantum computer can easily defeat cryptographic systems thousands of times stronger than existing today.

The simple reality is that by the time DLT/blockchain technology reaches anything near critical mass, it will already be obsolete!

We are, then, already in a post-blockchain environment. The next generation of technology to shield data transmission, stop counterfeiting, ensure privacy, safeguard financial security, and protect intellectual property will be effective only if it is quantum-safe and provides solutions to blockchain’s problems with scalability, efficiency, governance, and ecological harm.

CloudCoin Consortium developed the applications, which is the world’s only quantum-safe technology that solves these problems and more. It is RAIDA–Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents


RAIDA does everything that the blockchain does, only much faster, more reliably, and far more efficiently. The RAIDA is already more reliable and efficient, and in the future more nodes and networks can be brought on to perform all the world's transactions within milliseconds. With RAIDA, the work is distributed among more nodes instead of requiring each node to do more work (like blockchain). The cost of electricity and operation is 3,000 times less than the blockchain. Data storage is minimized. All data can be stored in RAM. The RAIDA is 100% quantum-safe and does not use encryption. The system is fault-tolerant and can withstand government attacks, natural disasters, hackers, and even internal subversion.

The RAIDA is ready for retail and does not require any client download except for a webpage, or small- size client software download of just 5 megabytes. Even though so little storage is necessary with CloudCoin, its security is far more intense. Blockchain is authenticated by users with only a 32-byte private key. RAIDA is authenticated by 400-bytes of unguessable authenticity numbers (like DNA), which also completely change with every owner.

Blockchain processing can take between 10 and 45 minutes (or more) to make changes to the blockchain. With RAIDA, the whole process takes less than two seconds to authenticate a CloudCoin and change the code (key).

The blockchain is protected from hacking by encryption. Quantum computers run by governments most likely can already crack the blockchain's encryption. A CloudCoin note holds its own information. Authentication data is globally spread out (stripped or shredded) across twenty-five Clouds per network.

With the CloudCoin Wallet and SkyWallet technology –Your Transactions are Secure and Anonymous! Your money belongs only to you, and nobody can track your transactions or the amount which is in your account! No one can freeze your account either!

Most of the non-tech users who use blockchain for cryptocurrency transactions do not care whether they have that digital money that they see on their pc or mobile phone desktops screens. CloudCoin Consortium has developed an ultra-secure and anonymous system for Digital Money Transaction, where you can immediately see your money in your wallet file system immediately after a transaction. It is not necessary to install huge amounts of data on your system. The software is only about 5 Mb and each CloudCoin one kb.

CloudCoin Consortium

CloudCoin Consortium is the global collection of freedom-loving people dedicated to promoting and supporting the growing use of CloudCoin as a global, private, digital currency. This Consortium provides free software and tools to transact and manage your CloudCoins.

If you are interested and are a freedom-loving individual, you could possibly become part of the Consortium.

The CloudCoin Consortium sees the protection of personal data as one of the main challenges for modern society. The use of data has already become a powerful tool for manipulating people and is becoming more so with each passing day. The effectiveness of this data collection and surveillance activity on the part of corporations and governments is both fantastic and frightening.

Now, the primary goal of large corporations is to collect as much information as possible about the personal lives of people and then use it for their enrichment. Banks want nothing less than total control over your money. Governments want more ways to monitor and direct your very thoughts through fearmongering, propaganda, and public relations. Combined, corporations, banks, and governments do a great job of making ordinary people poorer and less free.

We believe that our application provides a chance for humanity to create a new environment, with a new and completely fair and ethical monetary system, and as a result could make the world a more fair, more justice, more peaceful place.

The CloudCoin Wallet software is provided by the CloudCoin Consortium free of charge, at no cost to you, as is, with no guarantees. You are free to use this software to manage your CloudCoins and transactions.

Evolution may begin slowly and silently, but it can have a huge impact on how the world changes... that evolution starts here.

You can find out more about our technology on the web 

Telegram channel

White paper

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Our mission is to provide a "perfect" global currency that cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, mined or lost, is 100% private, requires no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption; a monetary system that is fair.


The CloudCoin Consortium is a group of businesses and individuals around the world who are interested in seeing CloudCoin be successful. The CloudCoin Consortium is not a legal entity. It has no bank accounts. It has no headquarters. The consortium is a Libertarian organization who are very interested in Freedom. The Consortium was a Platinum Sponsor at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas in 2018.

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