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A new technology called RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents), used to detect the authenticity of a new cloud-based digital currency – CloudCoin, aims to challenge the technology (Blockchain) standing behind Bitcoin.

CloudCoinTM – the world’s first cloud currency!
The Perfect Global Currency!
CloudCoin is a digital currency. It cannot be counterfeited, controlled, tracked or stolen. CloudCoin cannot be double-spent, mined or lost. It is 100% private and requires no public ledgers, accounts, or encryption. CloudCoin is a completely fair and ethical monetary system.

CloudCoin and RAIDA aim to challenge Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. The RAIDA project was launched by Sean H. Worthington when he applied the rules of data integrity used in databases to create a philosophical model for a perfect currency. 

RAIDAtech is pioneering new uses of the patented RAIDA technology.

RAIDA is the
* Redundant
* Array of
* Independent
* Detection
* Agents
RAIDA is ideal for any enterprise exploring blockchain but disheartened by blockchain's shortcomings.
RAIDA is more scalable, faster, more secure, more affordable and more eco-friendly.
RAIDAtech has identified and is making inroads in several key markets with market potential above $1 trillion, including customer engagement, patient medication adherence, secure communications, secure data transmission & storage, white-labeled virtual currencies and anti-counterfeiting.
RAIDAtech is the only next-generation technology that is quantum-safe and won't be disrupted by the advent of quantum computers.

The RAIDA is a new authentication protocol that is the first of its kind and the first true Cloud-based authentication system. Most authentication protocols require one password to be given to one server that is checked against one database. The RAIDA uses many passwords against many different servers each with a no-share database. The CloudCoin Consortium's RAIDA consists of 25 clouds of 32 servers, each located in over 30 different countries (and growing). This allows us to have decentralized authentication, fault tolerance, high availability and tamper proof data. We call this property "Data Supremacy," and only the Blockchain, DNS and the RAIDA have achieved this.

Data Supremacy
RAIDA is a global counterfeit detection system that is indestructible and cannot be tampered with or hacked. Neither nuclear bombs, comet strikes, world wars, dictatorships nor government hackers can bring down RAIDA. Quantum safe, self-healing, simple, fast, and reliable, RAIDA can detect the authenticity of a CloudCoin within milliseconds.
Why is the RAIDA Quantum safe? It is quantum safe for a few reasons. The first reason is that it does not have a public ledger. , and everyone can try to decrypt it. RAIDA is not public.
The second is that if you were to capture one of the RAIDA servers, you would only have 1/32 of 1/25th of the authentication data. So if you were able to decrypt it would not give you ownership of any coins.
In order to crack a CloudCoin, you would need to guess the Authenticity Numbers of a majority of the RAIDA. Each Authenticity number uses a 16-byte password that is 100% random. They RAIDA has a bottleneck of how many guesses can be done each second. The public ledger does not have a bottleneck. With a public ledger, we could make as many guesses as we have servers. If a hacker has a football field full of supercomputers (like the NSA), then they could guess trillions of combinations per second. With quantum computers, a hacker could guess all combinations within two minutes and crack the Blockchain. With RAIDA, we can only guess 8 million per second per RAIDA. This means that it would take more guesses than there is the time in the Universe and the RAIDA is quantum safe.
The significant of the RAIDA is that now there is a global authentication system that people can trust to be Confidential, Available, and to have integrity. So everyone can use it to authenticate whatever they like and create their own domain controllers (RAIDA Realms) and extend permissions and rights to whatever network resources (servers) they control.

The Problem

The person or persons known as “Satoshi Nakamoto” introduced a revolutionary advancement affecting technology, finance, sociology and other fields with the advent of distributed ledger technology in 2008. Nakamoto was the first to solve what computer scientists call ‘the physical integrity problem’, allowing for the creation of the first widely-accepted digital currencies that could not be copied or double-spent.

That was over a decade ago.

For over a decade, distributed ledger technology (DLT, also known as blockchain) has promised to provide solutions for every problem from currency inflation to world hunger to global warming.
The hype has not been the reality. Blockchain technology has been hampered by the inability to efficiently scale, unreasonable transactional times, and overly complex and dangerous consensus paradigms. Blockchain applications are immensely harmful to the environment, consuming more electricity each day than used by most nations. There has been progress in the application of distributed ledger technology, but improvements have not come close to solving its fundamental weaknesses. DLT has failed to deliver on its promise to become a transformative innovation.
Continuous advances in quantum computing, meanwhile, threaten to completely nullify the centerpiece of DLT: asymmetric elliptic curve cryptography.
The Quantum Era is near, if not already upon us, as many experts believe. Quantum computers rely on quantum mechanical phenomena like entanglement and superposition to operate on quantum bits of data (qubits). Traditional bits are binary: they are either ones or they are zeros. Qubits, essentially, can be ones, zeros or both at the same time. A quantum computer is able to process data twenty million or more times faster than a traditional one. The simple reality is that by the time DLT/blockchain technology reaches anything near critical mass, it will already be obsolete!
The next generation of technology to provide immersive customer engagement, shield data transmission, stop counterfeiting, ensure privacy, safeguard financial security and protect intellectual property will be effective only if it is quantum-safe and provides solutions to blockchain’s problems with scalability, speed, privacy efficiency, governance and ecological harm.
RAIDAtech possesses the world’s only quantum-safe technology that solves these problems and more.

Today we starting testing the beta version of our first application on RAIDA network.

This the client software for CloudCoin transactions.

If you interested and want to participate in testing, you can download the soft under this link and receive your free CloudCoins:

1. Go to the site and download the coin (bottom right).

2. Copy the coin in a different folder (so as not to lose).

3. Download beta wallet.

4. Copy all your coins to another folder.

5. Read instructions and warnings. 6. No need to hurry and add to the wallet all your coins.

7. If you lose coins during testing, they will be restored to you only in two years.

"CloudCoin Wallet." This program will change many things and make CloudCoin much more usable. CloudCoin Wallet can automatically make change and it can send CloudCoins from one person to another with a click of a button. Its transfer time maybe the fastest of any payment system in the world. We are able to send coins to the change maker, and get them back within four seconds. This means that a user can send the two transactions of sending money, making sure it is authentic, sending change and making sure that is authentic (two transactions) happen in less time than it takes to approve a Visa payment. People get to have their own username. In a few days we will have Merchant software that allows anyone to accept CloudCoins as payment. The exchange is well underway. We will focus all effort on Liquidity and it will be a fast effort.


Our mission is to provide a "perfect" global currency that cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, mined or lost; eCurrency that is 100% private, requires no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption; a monetary system that is absolutely fair and ethica


Our mission is to provide a "perfect" global currency that cannot be counterfeited, double-spent, mined or lost; eCurrency that is 100% private, requires no public ledgers, accounts, or even encryption; a monetary system that is absolutely fair!

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