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By CloudCoin | CloudCoin | 17 Oct 2019

CloudCoinWallet Released 



Dear Friends:  

We are pleased to announce the official release of CloudCoin Wallet after much time and effort.

"CloudCoinWallet." This program will change many things and make CloudCoin much more usable. CloudCoin Wallet can automatically make change and it can send CloudCoins from one person to another with a click of a button. Its transfer time maybe the fastest of any Payment System in the world. We are able to send coins to the change maker, and get them back within few seconds. This means that a user can send the two transactions of sending money, making sure it is authentic, sending change and making sure that is authentic (two transactions) happen in less time than it takes to approve a Visa Payment.

CloudCoin Wallet (working title: “Advanced Client”) began with modest goals about improving existing client software in areas like transaction speed and user experience. Our development team implemented many more improvements and added much more functionality, and now the resulting product is something radically better.

The CloudCoin wallet now handles 400 notes at a time and can be increased to 4,000 in the settings. We can now password-protect coins and embed recovery information (more functionality for this will be added later).

The CloudCoinWallet runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux and works uniformly. The CloudCoin Wallet has a GUI that is intuitive and easy to use.

Users can choose between two skins.


The biggest improvement is the addition of SkyWallet.

SkyWallet is a storage system built on RAIDA to give it data supremacy. The SkyWallet is the first non-crypto ledger to have data supremacy. Clouds all over the independently work to check the authenticity of coins received.

The software has the "Trusted Transfer" technology also known as SkyWallet. Trusted Transfer will not allow you to send counterfeit coins. Trusted Transfer will not allow you to receive counterfeit coins. This means that we can send and receive coins without any risk of someone falsely claiming that they received counterfeit coins. You should use Trusted Transfer when ever you send coins to someone you do not trust. You do not have to provide any private information to send money. To send money, you do not need to register or become a member with a username and password. Sending money is completely anonymous. However, receiving money requires that you have a CloudCoin. When you choose a CloudCoin to receive we call that a "SkyWallet." We can associate a friendly name with the CloudCoin serial number in a DNS server of your choice. Right now we offer names on the domain for free. But, any domain is possible. 

SkyWallet provides some very important functionality:

✅ CloudCoins can now be sent from person to person without needing email or other file transfer systems. These transfers take less than 2 seconds for most transactions.

✅ Both the senders and receivers know the coins being sent are good, creating trusted trades.

✅ SkyWallet allows for addressing so that anyone can have an easy to remember address. My Skywallet address, for example, is These addresses will allow us to create greater trust with trading because people have to own the DNS domain in order to put their names in it. Now CloudCoin has the best addressing of any digital currency. Compare CloudCoin addresses to a Bitcoin address, like 1PMycacnJaSqwwJqjawXBErnLsZ7RkXUAs.

✅ The change-making system is now fully automated. This is something unique to CloudCoin because only CloudCoin is discrete and has denominations. CloudCoin has now proven that digital currencies can have denominations and are more efficient because of it.

✅ SkyWallets make it much easier for us to create liquidity software, including exchanges, stores, merchant websites, tokens, and video games.


Our first payment systems for the new exchange have been roughly completed. We have PayPal and Stripe. We will now try to put everything together and test the whole system. If everything works, we will start adding payment systems from all around the world. We want to have at least 25 unique and independent payment systems for fault tolerance.

New protocols can put SkyWallets Everywhere

Consortium developers are now able to compress the CloudCoin ID coin used for Skywallets into a much smaller format using a new technique Sean Worthington has dubbed, "Proposed Authenticity Number Generation" or "PANG."

PANG is significant because it allows 400 bytes of unique data to be represented in much less bytes and gives CloudCoin a major competitive advantage over cryptocurrencies, which are difficult to use in routine commercial transactions due to slow speed, high fees and inability to scale.

The first application for PANG is creating a "SkyWallet Card," a .png format image with writing on it. Users will be able to get a free Skywallet Card from the Consortium which allows them to send and receive coins.


The cards require a CVC/CVV and PIN code, just like a debit or credit card, and will work with existing payment technologies, including the tech used in every store in the world. The card can be saved in your browser or mobile phone so that users won't have to re-enter their information.

The next application of the PANG technology will be creating QR codes that can be put on products, packaging or labels, then scanned instantly, a function with tremendous potential for hundreds of commercial applications.


Our sole objective is for CloudCoin to be the best. 
The RAIDA is better than the Blockchain.

We believe we now have a Client that is better than every crypto wallet.

If there is any reason that it is not better, we would like to know so we can improve it. 

We can start on making CloudCoin the most liquid currency in the world. Right now, PayPal is the most liquid. They will be a tough act to beat because they have the support of government and they have been around for 20 years. Our first goal has to be to become more liquid than Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Keep in mind that CloudCoin has no fees so that already gives us an advantage.

Thanks to everyone for working so hard on the CloudCoin Wallet!

The new software can be downloaded here , along with links to a handbook and video tutorial.   A fun "learn and earn" program has been launched to reward users for downloading the software, learning about its functionality and providing feedback. There are additional opportunities to earn CloudCoins by sharing your experiences with friends and through social media.  


The future is exciting!
Phase II

The public climbs into the pilot’s seat where volunteers (testers or users) will learn how to take control of the CloudCoin Wallet. However, we would not allow just anyone to test without training, so in celebration of the release of the CloudCoin Wallet, we have devised a special “Earn-As-You-Learn” tutorial program.

You can be one of the people helping to make history by providing us with your opinions.

With this program, you will receive a free copy of the new CloudCoin Wallet (50) Fifty free CloudCoins for testing along with a how-to tutorial that takes a user through all the new functions on a step-by-step basis, which is designed to answer questions and provide the user with certainty.

We want to know how everything works from a user's perspective. Is the process easy? Is it intuitive? Were there any difficulties?

This is an expansion of the UX/UI (user experience/user interface). We want this to be as smooth and easy to use as possible.

You can help to ensure that the instructions are clear and easy to understand for the many thousands who will follow.

Upon successful completion of the tutorial and the return of your observations and opinions, you will be awarded.

1. A-Wings Certificate, certifying that you have successfully completed the training/testing and received your “CloudCoin WINGS.”

(This will come to you as a printable .pdf file suitable for framing.)

2. A limited-edition Thank-you note from Sean Worthington.

We are now beginning to take applications (also known as reservations) for our expanded Beta test flight training.



If you have any questions about software installation, you could also join us in our Learn&Earn Telegram community and we could help you with any questions. Learn&Earn community is about CloudCoinWallet installation help for those, who want to get train and also help us to improve our efforts.


Thanks to all that you with us!

To be continued......... 


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