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Clinics in Quiche
Clinics in Quiche

Clinics in Quiche

Hi In October 2019 I have been helping setting up free bio electric medicine clinics in rural areas in the mountains in Guatemala. All my work is based on volunteer work and based on my own decision. We have been treating around 500 indigenous people with various positive results. This blog session is about my experiences during these 10 days. Notice that this is research only and should not be considered medical advise or text.

Clinics in Quiche - Day 4

1 Feb 2020 7 minute read 4 comments Sea_Bas

  Day 4 Day 4 was a rather intense day. First because we were only half the staff and second because today there were way more people than usual, which led us to run the clinics non stop from 8 in the morning almost up until 7pm - a total of about 11...

Clinics in Quiche - day 2 and 3

24 Jan 2020 9 minute read 0 comments Sea_Bas

  Welcome to the second blog about the clinics. Got your organic coffee brewed and spiced with stevia and cinnamon? Good, then let’s go dive right into it. If you are here for the first time: we are the one Q club and our vision is to help humanity -...

Clinics in Quiche - day 1

5 Jan 2020 7 minute read 0 comments Sea_Bas

Dear reader, I am very excited to see you here and tell you a little bit about my adventures. And I can guarantee you that if I could tell you every story I know and experienced, you probably wouldn't believe me. You most certainly would say I am ful...