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By Rearden | ClickWorking | 21 Feb 2021 provides a catalog of gift cards, prepaid mobile top-ups and Lightning Network services that can be purchased with Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies around the world.

Create a Bitrefill account:

You'll be able to prepay a balance and make multiple purchases instantly and at no charge.
Some gift cards work worldwide, some are region-specific, some are country-specific, some are currency-specific.

Bitrefill offers more than 2500 different products in 170 countries. You can purchase almost every product imaginable from the world's most popular brands, retailers, e-commerce, food and entertainment options.

Buy cards :
+ phone refills

To get started, simply navigate to the top left corner and click on the "Browse Products" button, which will take you to the gift cards and digital vouchers available in your country. You can also switch countries to make your purchases.

Then creating a Bitrefill account only requires a valid email address.

Use Bitcoin to add funds to your account balance.
With a single deposit, you will be able to make multiple purchases instantly and without transaction fees.
To add funds to your balance, Bitrefill accepts Bitcoin payments on both the blockchain (regular wallets) and Lightning Network wallets for instant payments and lower fees.
First, log in to your new Bitrefill account, and navigate to your username in the upper right corner, click on your name, this will take you to the "My Account" page.
Once you select "My Account", you will be taken to the page where you can add funds to credit your balance. Simply click on the green deposit button.

Buying your first gift card
Select the product, denomination and payment method and pay with your preferred wallet. You will receive a confirmation email with your digital gift card code usually within 0-10 minutes.

If you have already added credit to your account you can use the payment method "Account Balance".
When you confirm the payment, your digital voucher will be delivered to you, instantly. You can choose to use the code immediately after receiving it, or use it at a later date.

Referral: $5 bonus with this link:

After spending $50 on eligible products, simply provide your friends and family with your personalized referral link. Once your friend has purchased a total of $50 in products on, you will each receive $5 in sats, automatically credited to your Bitrefill account!

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