YouTube Monetization (ING)

YouTube Monetization (ING)

By Sacrament | Click X Click | 26 May 2020

For some looking to generate income online, it is still difficult to achieve YouTube's goal to be a candidate for monetization.

For others, they may not have the perfect time or favorite niche and effortlessly generate income.

But ... how can we do it for those who don't have any of those blessings?

I propose an exchange of views. (?)


Do you know that YouTube asks for a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of playback in the year?

The simple thing is the subscribers, a single click can help, the complicated thing is the hours, since uploading videos of just a few seconds or songs of 3 minutes, you would need at least 20 reproductions ...

So it is also good to try to upload a movie, or Tiktok summaries and that cover about 10 minutes. : /

But there are times when there is not that time to search and edit a video and upload it (even with or without a pandemic). So, you already have past uploaded videos ... Who would want to play them if they are not the fans of that song or group, or that video game? Everyone is looking for the new ...


Would you be willing to help someone achieve that goal in exchange for the same favor?

I do.


And I propose it openly ...


Would you help me cover the 4,000 hours YouTube asks for?

Because I already have subscribers, 2,090 to be exact ... And for hours I already have 2,500, last year I was struggling with the same thing but I didn't ask for help at any time and I had 2,600. There is not that much difference between a year, but ... I need help.


What do they say?

Do we barter? ;)

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