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Games make an important part of our lives matter how we want to deny it we always come to the fact that it’s a major source of entertainment.
first and foremost i love games, yes some might call it an addiction but notwithstanding its great to play games which have a positive effect on you and not an adverse effect that can weaken your life span. when we talk about positive effect i speak of entirely on Monetary games, of course people play games for fun…. but let me ask you what use would that be.
Let me not bore you with mere talk as i have a story that leads to what am about to write about… imagine going to a casino table to play a game with other human minds what do you think the result would be, yes, of course, the odds might not the fair because you are dealing with human calculations, human transactions, which are always not all transparent in terms of sincerity and openness.
I love games, an addiction but notwithstanding its great to play games that have a positive effect on you, when we talk about the positive effect I speak of entirely on Monetary games, of course, people play games for entertainment but let me ask you what use would that be if we don’t earn in our passion for gaming. This brings me to a recently discovered Blockchain game that is very much awesome.
You wouldn’t have guessed it..
As more and more gaming is introduced on different blockchain, one would be worried as to which games to invest their time and money on.
Xether is the answer to it all.
A decentralized application is a computer application that runs on a distributed computing system. DApps have been popularized by distributed ledger technologies such as the Tron, bitcoin, litecoin and ethereum which are actually the blockchain in which Xether is built


Xether is a gambling ecosystem, which makes a difference by caring about its users. It’s our passion for perfection, as well as finding and creating neat solutions, that keeps us driven towards our goals. We ensure, that all our guests have the best gaming experience by offering them exciting, yet simple games, secure transactions and instant payouts. The algorithms, we use, actually do make the winning possible.
Try your luck with the games of chance or check out the tokens, that offer a share in our gross revenue.
Xether is a platform, which makes you wanna come again.
Now lets talk about the games on the platform where you earn has you play… it’s simply amazing.


Set one number from one to six and roll a die. This way you’ll get the max win. Or increase your chances by trying up to five numbers. The more the probability, the lesser is the win.


Pick a side, flip a coin and you will be able to nearly double your bet. It’s 50% sure!


Select the level, using color indicator in the bottom of the pyramid. That will determine the amount you win. Launch the ball and watch it fall down through the pyramidic maze and see where it lands.


This is a simulation of a good old one-armed bandit, many of us might have played. Depending on the pattern of symbols, the corresponding rate is applied and payout is calculated. Rates can be checked by clicking the “i” icon in the top right corner.


Xether roulette has the same rules as the usual roulette. All you need to do is select a chip with ether sum on it and place a bet. Check the statistics at the top of the layout.
This are one of the main games to look out for in the Xether platform.
Xether Tokenomics
The xether platform makes use of their own native token called the XEET token.
XEET is an ERC20 standard cryptocurrency token created on an Ethereum blockchain base, whose issue and circulation are controlled by the Xether smart contract.
The primary task of the XEET token is the equitable distribution of profits (dividends) from the Xether Ecosystem game products. The XEET token has a number of special features related to the determination of its cost, issuance, commissions for use (buy-sell), dividends, and partner programs.

Benefits of the Xether platform
The following commissions are charged during the purchase and sale of XEET tokens
For purchases: in the amount of 10%
For sales: in the amount of 4%
There are also 1% commissions when XEET tokens are transferred from wallet to wallet
With this xether has is clear towards honesty and transparency. The ability to play the throne and broadcast without registering from the wallet is a top notch and great feature,Game on the cue ball and light through the worm
Xether is constantly improving. Update with new games came out
With this great features I can promise you that Xether is the next big and unique gaming concept
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