Clash of streamers tips

 So we are through the tutorial, we have a small understanding of the game, but now we want to start progressing as quickly as possible.

Tip #1

So... Are you a streamer? Have you thought about streaming? 

Well if your answer is yes or no, this maybe something you want to look at doing and is easy to set up from within the game. If your a streamer then streaming and building your community can be very profitable and you can share your QR code on screen for people to come join the game and they will automatically be entered into you community. If your not a streamer then you want to look at the streaming in a different way.  

So if you dont stream but want to profit from this tip, you will need a twitch account to stream too. You will NOT need to show your face or even talk for this tip.

When you watch others stream every 5 minutes you earn drops, you can see your progress in the community building, its the yellow bar with a chest at the top. The flaw to this is most people will only stream at most a couple of hours of game play at a time. Jumping from one person to another can leave breaks or missing time in between streamer. So how does streaming help you and how does it benifit more than watching other people.

Well if you stream from in game, you can literally stream the game screen, no face or voice needs to be active, and anything else like notifications cant be seen. Once you go live all you need to do is go in your community building and start watching yourself. Hit the pop-out button and move it out the way and you can start playing or just leave the game on. (for as long as you want or till your battery dies). The plus to this as well is if theres streamers you like to watch you can hope on to there streams, watch, return to yours. Youll lose around 10 secs between switching and always get drops.

You get around 12 drops an hour which is 288 drops a day, and you have a chance to get anything from diamonds to ascendance spins. (check out the odds by clicking the yellow bar). You also get achievements depending on how many drops you have, this also brings down the % chance for drops.

Tip #2

Weekly events will help you progress in levels quicker than most other options and completing them will also benifit you the most. Some of these events can be rather horrid to look at especially early game as some of the tiers require alot of materials.

Look at all of the events, merge event you should try and do each week.

Some of these events will need you to be a whale or be able to save. Well thats a choice only you can decide.

So keep and eye on the main events these are kappa scrolls, upgrade event, gems event and get lucky. These 4 events reset each week, and they also change tiers each week.

Each tier has different requirements and the ones that are harder to achieve have higher stat pets and heroes as a reward.

If you plan to run one of the shiny legendary events(the hardest pf the 4 tiers) and can not finish you can lock the event, this gives you all the time you need to complete. If your like me and saving can be a struggle, lock 1 and focus on that one and use them to save up for the others.

Tip #3

There are some weekly events that come back, they save progress so your not going to be starting from scratch, they are based of how many achievements you have. Some are harder than others so dont worry if you cant complete it first time round.

With that there is one called 'fighting achievement and this one is probably one off the easiest as you can almost 100% afk.

You just have to watch out for when you hit a prestiage level.

Unfortunatly this doesnt work for IOS

Download a basic auto clicker, set it up and press battle button, after the battle theres 3 options OK, POST, NEXT.

Put your autoclicker over the next button and let it run. Win or lose there are several achievements you can get, so getting stuck can be useful.

Just remeber to keep an eye on your gems unless you have more than half a billion.


More tips are coming hope you enjoy these ones for now.

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Clash of Streams, tips, tricks and guides
Clash of Streams, tips, tricks and guides

Hello, Ill be posting tips, tricks and indepth and overview guides to clash of streamers, the will be things you wont know, Maybe you already do. Why should this stop you reading there maybe things you dont remeber or just need to refresh, what ever you Reasons i hope that somewhere along the line theres infomation that is usful to you :)

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