The Rogue Scholar

By Jbschirtzinger | clarion | 24 Feb 2022

Chapter 2

Shaper Journal 1.004 Hierarch 1 entry 0042--Shaper Naturo Seti

Protean science has dissolved all we knew about civilization with wide-sweeping changes among all fields. The realization that reality is but a hologram as backed by our science has been a shocking epiphany for our people. Practically overnight, societal structures built for thousands of years have toppled. Endemic to our population as a consequence of this awareness is a new disease. The doctors are calling it veriphobia because the chief characteristic the disease has is the inability for the sufferers to find consolation in the verification of reality. It is as though these unfortunate souls had fallen into the ancient philosopher Descartes skepticism but find no relief in the fact of their existence. I must confess that I empathize with their position. I do not yet know whether I am real as everything is holographic, but since the scene I inhabit has the force of reality, I figure I may as well treat it as though it is. If it is not, in fact, real, then I have lost little by assuming it is. Just as in a dream the dreamer is not often aware that they are dreaming, the dream is diminished not at all by the non-reality it represents. For the duration of the dream, it is real. When the dreamer awakens, he may then reflect on the non-reality of the dream and dismiss it as irrelevant. Should not life be the same way should it also prove to be a dream?

While I feel comfortable with this burden, and do not suffer from veriphobia as a consequence, others are not so fortunate. The emergence of the holonosphere spontaneously merging with what was once physical reality is not helping these pitiable souls. Several weeks ago, or so I think--we have not yet settled the issue of how to account for time--there was a story of a man who lost his bears so far where the laws of the world were concerned that he thought he could fly if he merely willed himself to. He found himself a high cliff, jumped, and died. This holographic world we inhabit has rules and limitations just as dreams have rules and limitations. If someone punches us in a dream, our bodies may still yet jump. Even though there is no actual pain, our minds perceive that there is, and that is enough. This new world is one where keen perception is important. One must learn to rely on their intuition. Because the holonosphere has merged, it is possible to experience interaction with characters and situations which were not before imaginable. The dual citizenship required of us all is more than many can bear. It does not help that the rules are so fluid. The man might have flow off the cliff on a different day. The only way one know what is the truth is not to deceive themselves and to completely trust their intuition. Unfortunately, not many are willing to do this.

I have been charged with the task of formulating a new order for society. Certainly, I expect there will be others like me who follow in my footsteps. I do not know where to begin. Any configuration I pick I know will be equally contrived. How many wars have been the result of imposed order? How many bodies have been arranged into piles because an emperor knew better? Conquerors are possessed of such arrogance which is what makes them conquerors. I greet my task with the utmost seriousness and trepidation. Whatever I propose, I do not know whether my spirit, should I have one, can live with the consequence.

End entry 0042.

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