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Community voting of launching HSC and mining on HSC

By claim_finance | claimdotxyz | 25 Jun 2021

The Claim team will launch a community vote on June 25, 2021, on the movement of 6 million $CLAIM from ETH to HSC and HSC mining rules.

Resolution Proposal
The plan will deploy a total of 6 million $CLAIM on the HSC, of which 5 million will be migrated from the DAO Treasures on the Ethereum to the HSC, and 1 million will be migrated from the Eco funds. At the same time, Claim will start a 28-day mining incentive activity This plan will be resolved through Dao governance voting, and the resolution proposal is only for DAO Treasures migration, not including the Eco Funds part.

Date of initiating resolution voting: June 25, 2021, 8:00 UTC
Voting Duration: June 25, 2021, 8:00 UTC to June 27, 8:00 UTC
Announcement of final results: June 27, 2021, 14:00 UTC

The following is the content of the resolution:

Total Deployment:6,000,000 $CLAIM on HSC
5,000,000 $CLAIM will be migrated from the DAO Treasures on the Ethereum to the HSC.
At the same time, it will be burnt on the Ethereum. 5,000,000 $CLAIM will be burnt by DAO Treasures (address A), and 1,000,000 $CLAIM will be burnt by Eco Funds (address B).
Address A: 0x123b4877AA82306359fB1a9A92F4B84d66B352c
Address B: 0x6fF3424c1239617dD4e1331657D386AF7fbE819f

And start a 28-day mining incentive activity, the content is as follows:
Time: 28Days
Block output: 0.305
Number of blocks: 28800
Total amount of mining: 245,952 $CLAIM
Note: HOO-CLAIM and USDT-CLAIM (Puddingswap provides liquidity)

The steps included in the DAO proposal

  1. Initiated by Claim to vote on Resolution in Snapshot
  2. Community users vote
  3. Voting for liquidation and review
  4. Announce the final result and plan after the resolution

Voting Rules
Voting will last 2 Days, this is a non-binding signal vote.
1 $CLAIM represents 1 Vote
There are 4 options to vote for:
1.Agree to migration and mining
2.Reject to migration and mining
3.Agree to Claim migration, disagree to mining

  1. This voting resolution result that if the vote is equal to or greater than 2 million votes, the resolution will be considered as passed, otherwise it will be deemed as a failure and the HSC deployment plan will be cancelled.
  2. During this voting period, if there is a special event or force majeure that affects the fairness of the voting, the voting proposal will be invalidated and re-launched at the appropriate time.
  3. The claim of this vote will be the only subject of voting, and all $CLAIM holders can participate in the vote.

Claim Proposal Summary
Claim is a Defi protocol that adopts a new generation of stable currency model — -based on the credit stable currency model of Ethereum. It supports users to pledge their assets and generates stable currency $cUSD for capital circulation. It adopts a dual currency model, one is the stable currency $cUSD, and the other is the equity and governance token $CLAIM.
Telegram group:
Chinese telegram:

The HSC (Hoo Smart Chain) is a decentralized, energy-efficient, borderless value exchange intelligent blockchain system. As a new generation of credit stable currency, Claim plans to deploy the HSC and start mining incentive activities in order to better develop the Claim ecology. Its decentralization, low procedures, high performance, and compatibility with multi-chain smart contracts are the basis for Claim choosing to deploy the HSC chain. Secondly, as a new smart chain, HSC has a rapid growth in the number of applications on the chain, allowing Claim to see the development potential of HSC. In a credit stable currency track, Claim can develop into the first credit stable currency application on the HSC, and participate in the unicorn program, allowing Claim to gain more attention.
Developer documentation:
Unicorn Project:

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Claim is the next-generation credit-based stablecoin and a DeFi protocol.


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