The Artificial Bride

By stbrians | Churning Poetry | 6 Dec 2022

My dear momma, receive my message with sorrow. 

This be my elegant wife, the rib of my marrow.

Look how beautiful and graceful she looks. 

Spy her shiny complexion so she hooks. 

Her big behind is so plump and buggy. 

Her waist so slim to the bums so suggy. 

How she fills me with bubbling and passionate love.

The gaiety and beauty is there in her elegant move. 


My momma looked away with shame. 

She hated everything with loathing so to blame.

"Is this a decorated donkey or what? " she did spat. 

"Horse hair,  dead man's finger nails. " she added with a start. 

My eyes opened widely with realization. 

I began noticing things with optimization. 


My bride was artificial all through. 

Her body painted with makeup though. 

Eyelashes had been added in plenty. 

The hair was a wig full of things so bumpy. 

The waist had been slimmed with belts and drugs. 

The bums puffed like the biggest mugs. 

The boob's were not at all in spare.

The surgery has swollen the pair. 


I started dreading the bedroom night.

When there will be battles to fight. 

Her make up will be washed clean. 

Wrinkles on the face will appear so lean. 

Age will remove all the added parts. 

Swellings in wrong places will appear in spurts. 

I will end up with a lady so ugly. 

Then I will curse myself for being unlucky. 

Am punished because of outside beauty.

It turned my bride decorated artificially.

How I yearn for beauty so innermost. 

I need to dig deep to spy it to the most. 


By theaccursedpen

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Churning Poetry
Churning Poetry

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