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By Chrono85 | Chrono's Crypto Blog | 9 Mar 2020

I started messing around with faucets about a month ago, wanting to see if any were worthwhile. If you don't know what a faucet is, it's a website that pays you cryptocurrency for performing various tasks (solving captchas, viewing ads, watching videos, doing surveys, etc). I've learned a lot in that time and thought I'd share some of what I've learned. So here is a list of all the faucets I've used in the past month, how much I've earned (with proof of payout where available), which ones to avoid and some tips on how to maximize your earnings. It's important to note that for most of these sites to work, you have to disabled ad blockers. I recommended using a separate window of a different browser than your main one, with all ad and tracking blockers turned off.

Cointiply (BTC or DOGE)

Website: https://cointiply.com/

Faucet: 22 - 331 Coins per hour. 30,000 Coin Minimum Payout

Offers: Faucet, Surveys, App Installs, PTC Ads, Videos, Games, Multiplier, Etc

Referrals: Lifetime 25% Faucet, 10% on Offers 

Cointiply is the site where I've earned the most crypto by far. In one month I earned 0.006 BTC (~$47USD) and withdrew 0.00242277‬BTC. About half that came from surveys, the next biggest portion came from app installs, and the rest from the faucet, PTC Ads, Chat Bonus and other small offers. The amount of surveys available depends on your location and other demographics. I get a decent amount of surveys each day, but your mileage may vary. It allows you to withdraw either as BTC or DOGE. Cointiply will also pay 5% interest if you keep a minimum 30,000 Coin balance.



Earning Tips: 

  • There are multiple survey routers that pay different amounts. Theorum Reach pays the least per survey, but pays a small amount for every survey even if you are disqualified. Tap Research pays the most but is hardest to qualify for. YourSurvey's pays the same high amount for every survey (6150 Coins). I generally do as many through YourSurvey first as I can, then I do all of Tap Research, and lastly I check Theorum Research, in that order. 
  • The App Install Offers are mostly for mobile devices, so you want to access the website (or use the app on Android) via your mobile device for the most offers. They range from a few hundred coins to simply download and run an app, to 100,000+ (~$11USD) coins to reach a specific goal or level in the app. I check these after I'm done all the surveys.
  • The HideOut.tv offer pays well for very little effort. You get paid just to play videos, and you collect a decent amount of coins for every three ads you watch. This one is easy to set and forget and earn a few 1,000 coins a day. The key though is that you need to sign up for an account and login, as well as ensure all ad and tracker blockers are off. I use Firefox with everything disabled just for Cointiptly, while sticking to using Brave with full protection for my everyday browsing. Also, check the Hideout.tv Facebook page regularly to get promo codes for bonus coins.
  • Pay attention to the Chat Bonus. There is a collective pool that fills up as users earn coins, and it's shared on a regular interval with people who are active in the chatroom without spamming. So engage in a small amount of real chatting regularly and you'll earn a decent bonus of coins.
  • There is a secondary currency you earn called CointiPoints that you can use to by "Pods" which contain items the give you either a temporary or permanent boost. Buying the Rare pods is more likely to give you permanent boost items, so I save up for those.
  • Roll the faucet at least once a day to maintain and increase your loyalty bonus. Also sign up for emails to get special promo codes and check their twitter regularly for more codes.

Free.info (BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP, DOGE)

Websites: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Ripple, Dogecoin

Faucet: Up to 5 Satoshi/1610 gwei/339 litoshi/0.0009 XRP/0.0009 DOGE Every 5 Minutes

Offers: None

Referral: 50% Lifetime Commission on Faucet

The free.info sites are a collection of 5 faucets for different cryptos. You can claim each one as often as every 5 min. The amount it increases by decreases overtime, so the more often you claim from the faucet, the more you will earn. These are simple faucets so they don't have an offerwall. The only other way to earn more is through affiliates. The best thing though about this site over all others is that it doesn't use an interactive captcha, like Google's reCaptcha. It does an automatic one, meaning you don't have to waste time on those annoying puzzles or typing in words. It makes this the easiest faucet site to use. I've made $4.06 USD in about 20 days of intermittent use, but I haven't yet reached the (higher than average) minimum amount to withdraw. I could earn a bit more if I was more consistent.

Earning Tips:

  • Visit as often as you can to maximize earnings.
  • If you leave the site for too long, you will have to refresh the page or the auto captcha will fail.

Satoshi Hero

Website: https://satoshihero.com

Faucet: 1-250000 satoshi 3 times every 10 minutes, Min Payout: 30000 satoshi

Offers: Surveys, Videos, App Installs, Signups, Wager Games

Referral: Lifetime 50% Faucets

I only recently discovered this site, and have earned 0.00006811BTC in less than week. That's a much faster rate than Freebitcoin. This site is unique in that it gives you three rolls every 10 minutes, and the high end payout is quite large. My highest roll so far has been 100 satoshi, which isn't bad, though you will sometimes only get 1 satoshi. This site also has multiple offerwalls but I haven't used them as I get the same offers through Cointiply and prefer doing them through there. This faucet is nice though because it doesn't have browser hijacking ads and multiple redirects like some faucets. There are also betting games, but I'm not a fan as you tend to lose more than you gain. Like the free.info faucets above, this one is a decent pay out for very little effort. I haven't withdrawn from this site yet

Earning Tips:

  • Roll the faucet as often as you can, for as many chances at the big payouts as possible. 


Website: https://rollercoin.com/

Faucet: Continually grows over time

Offers: None

Referral: 25$ Lifetime Commissions

Rollercoin is completely unique in that instead of getting repeated individual payouts, you gain hashing power as a reward for playing games. It also doesn't have standard offers or a faucet. The higher your power, the faster you will generate crypto over time. So the more often you play games, the more you will earn. The available games themselves are fun and well designed. Flappy Rocket is my favourite. So this is a way of earning without it feeling like work. The games get increasingly harder with higher rewards as you play, though they reset after a longer period of time. This is another new one for me, so I've earned 0.00000839BTC in a week, but I get the sense I that will grow pretty fast, so I'm going to keep at this one for a while. There are no other offerwalls, though you can buy in-game purchases that will give you permanent hashing power boosts. I haven't got that far with it yet, but it does look like a pretty decent earning potential. 


Earning Tips:

  • The key is to play the games as often as possible and do as well as possible. You get more points for beating the games then losing.
  • You can spread the power you earn between different cryptos, but I suggest picking one and sticking to it.


Website: FreeBitcoin

Faucet: 0.00000026 BTC to 0.02567315 BTC every hour, 0.0003BTC Min Payout

Offers: Multiplier, Lottery, Betting, Contests, Boosts

Referral: 50% Faucet, 0.40% of wager / bet, 25% of daily interest

Freebitcoin is a very popular faucet, but I'm undecided as to whether to keep using it or not. I've earned 0.00011796 BTC (~$0.92USD) in the month I've been doing it. Minimum payout is 0.0003 so I haven't yet done a withdrawal. The multiplier, lottery and betting are not reliable ways to increase earnings. The faucet payouts tend to be on the smaller side. There may be better ways to earn more on this site but I haven't figured them out yet. It does pay interest on balances over 0.0003BTC once you get there.

Earning Tips: 

  • Be as consistent as possible collecting the faucet. The more you do, the more chances you have to win big.
  • You get two lottery tickets and two rewards points with every faucet roll. Lotteries are not worth it in my experience, so you can disable them and instead gather 4 reward points, which you can then use to buy boosts. Visit your profile page and disable lottery tickets to make this change.



Website: https://www.thecryptofaucet.com/

Faucet: 0.000001 - 0.01002LTC a day (Other Cryptos Avail), Min Payout: 0.00210 ltc

Offers: TypeToEarn, Surveys, Videos

Referral: Lifetime 50% Faucets

This site is unique in that it offers a higher payout on a lower frequency, as you can only claim it once per day. It is a multi faucet meaning you can choose between many different coins. I've chosen to stick with one (LTC) so that I can hit the min withdrawal amount sooner. It also has an offer I haven't seen anywhere else, TypeToEarn. This has you typing in text from images to earn points. You earn based on how many you do, plus a bonus for accuracy. It can be a fairly reliable source of earning if you do it consistently and is a nice way to change things up if you are sick of surveys. It does include survey and video offers, but again I tend to save these for Cointiply. I've more than doubled the minimum withdrawal threshold, but I haven't done it yet as there is a small fee (0.0001LTC) so I will HODL this for a while before withdrawing.

Faucets to Avoid

There are two faucets I tried and then abandoned for different reasons. Coinpot is a fairly popular collection of 7 faucets for different cryptos. However the faucets themselves have lots of browser hijacking pop ups/overs and redirects, and an interactive captcha, so it tends to be very time consuming to collect, and the payouts aren't great. There is a multiplier and bonus point system, but the effort to earning ratio just wasn't worth it for me. The other one I'd avoid id Allcoins.pw. I see it advertised on many sites, but the very first time I tried to collect the faucet, it sent me to a site with crazy browser hijacking ads that tried to install malware. So I left that site and won't go back.

Maximize Your Earnings with BlockFi

My strategy has been to get my faucets to their minimum payout levels, than to withdraw my crypto into my BlockFi wallet. This way I earn their 5.1% interest rate. It's another way to maximize your earnings. The more crypto you can get into your wallet, the more interest you'll earn.


I chose not to include Publish0x as a faucet in this review as I don't really consider it a faucet, it's much more than that, and a unique application in it's own right. That's all I've got for now. I will do an update in another month to let you know how it continues to go, and I'll let you know if I find any others. If you have a favourite faucet let me know in the comments (but try not to spam), I'm always looking for new ones to try. :)

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