Robinhood Wallet Unveals Another Huge Update

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 14 May 2023

Robinhood continues to chug along in the development of its self-custody Wallet app for users. From an app that when beta launched was as bare bones as one could imagine it has come a significant way in not only its appearance but also its functionality! By continuing to lay the basic foundational stones as they have their self-custody wallet is being set up for long-term growth. This last week they revealed the newest foundational stone they have laid and it is a big one.


The wallet now offers an internal web browser!


While you can still use the old way of pulling up whatever site you wanted on a computer and then scanning the QR code to connect your wallet adding an internal web browser is industry standard at this point. Now with this function, Robinhood has continued to shrink the gap that separates it from other self-custody wallet apps out there.  




While adding a web browser is important I really do like what Robinhood has done with theirs. As you can see below it is not just an address bar where you type in whatever site you would like. Instead, it comes with a variety of them almost bookmarked at the top. Further, Robinhood both offers a long list of them but what I really like is that they added groups to the top so that you can see the different options available. I am the type of person who will space and forget what the exact name of a site will be but I will know its function so this is extremely helpful for me!  





For a company that a lot of people have trust issues with, in some cases rightfully so, Robinhood has really worked to turn over a new leaf. Deciding to create an app that is not centralized and rather is self-custody I think was a genius move on their part. They have also listened to the feedback that they have received about their app and have adjusted it accordingly adding features that will be critical for it to be successful. Since Robinhood has gone on the record saying that they are moving to be a crypto-first company internationally they are off to a really good start and have built a product that could quickly catch people's attention in the next bull run and become one of the bigger players in the space. 



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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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