Openfabric AI's Buy-Stake-Earn Ends in 24 Hours Plus 4 New Coinbase and Coinbase Wallet Earns!

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 8 Feb 2024

Yesterday I stumbled across a few new learn-to-earn opportunities and wanted to make sure to share them before they end!



I just wanted to remind those of you who might be interested in this campaign that Openfabric's Buy-Stake-Earn campaign ends in less than 24 hours! If you are interested in learning more about the campaign here is a link to an article I wrote a couple of days ago talking about it. I have already received 41.45 OFN from this which is worth a little over $12 not too shabby at all!


Coinbase App

Last night I realized I had not updated a bunch of my apps in a hot minute so as I was doing so I decided to see if the Coinbase update had changed the UI or if they were still marching along with this new UI I am not a huge fan of. While the UI might not have changed they did have a new learn-to-earn this time featuring Zetachain a blockchain they recently announced compatibility with! There are three questions and I'm not going to lie I was blown away at how each question was worth $3 so in total you earned $9 in ZETA for maybe 2 minutes of work! 


Coinbase Wallet

With the new learn-to-earn on Coinbase, I decided to see if the Coinbase Wallet God's would bless me as well and while they did have some quests that you could do in my opinion the jury is still out on if it is worth it or not. The two that were there both required some upfront costs to complete the quest and receive the rewards. 


First up is p00ls which by spending a little over $3 in MATIC you were able to mint this package of 10 NFTs. Along with these NFTs you also received $15 in p00ls token 00 which is where I have kinda scratched my head at the offering. It is often that people earn these rewards and then trade them however you are pretty much prevented from doing so in this situation.


The reason I say that is because the $15 in p00ls will get you at best $6 worth of USDC or MATIC with other cryptos averaging even worse. When I first completed the quest I wasn't really thinking and thank god Coinbase Wallet flashes an "are you sure this is a bad trade" warning because the pairing for p00ls and MATIC was $15 for a whooping 0.54 MATIC or roughly $0.40 a ridiculously low and almost a little insulting to even be offered amount. Today the offerings have rebounded to the $6 I mentioned earlier but it is a tough pill to swallow to trade the $15 you have in one token for $6 even if you only spent $3 in MATIC to get it. 


The second quest was for a protocol I had never heard of nor was enticed by what I "learned" about it. 3DNS is a decentralized domain name service and so you had to spend roughly $20 ETH on the Optimism blockchain to "buy and mint" this domain name. The reason for the quotes? It has a yearly rate aka you do not own it outright like you do with an Unstopable Domains NFT. Since this project is brand new as well you currently cannot sell the domain so you are stuck with it at least for now. You do earn $20 in OP, a little over 6.05 OP, so with that the OP is already worth more than the initial $20 value. 


Final Thoughts 

There are a couple of other COinbase Wallet quests but they have been there for a couple of weeks. The first one deals with signing up for Farcaster something I am not really sold on since it seems the Decentralized Social Media idea's blow up then disappear and you do have to pay to play for it. The other quest is actually not bad and something that depending on how long it stick around I might do by default and that is add $100 of USDC on the Base blockchain. With the ability to send USDC to your Coinbase account for free the only cost would be the transaction fee for sending the USDC to your Coinbase Wallet. 


Overall I am just not a huge fan of the pay to play quests I just figured that $20 in OP was worth the experiment so we will see. With p00ls I guess we will see if more liquidity is added to the Polygon trading pairs because I mean these swaps are just plain awful. 





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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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