Harvest Finance: zUSD Farm Still Yeilding Over 10,000% APY After 5 Days and doHardWork added to Maintain Farm

Harvest Finance: zUSD Farm Still Yeilding Over 10,000% APY After 5 Days and doHardWork added to Maintain Farm

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 24 Aug 2021

When the Uniswap V3 zUSD-ETH farm started to receive its boost from Zerogoki the yield shot up to over 10,000% and it was due entirely to the extra boost the Zerogoki team was providing. The iFARM yield was 18% and the Uniswap fees were estimated at 30% so it still had a good APY but it was blown out of the water by the Zerogoki team boost.


Since zUSD is supposed to be a stablecoin valued at $1 and it has been consistently under this I was becoming slightly concerned about how long the pool would hold itself together. It seems that the Harvest team also realized the headwinds that the pool was running into and so they added the doHardWork protocol to it. This is typically added to farms that are volatile and is part of all of the NFT farms offered by Harvest. 


Farmer Chad who heads up doHardWork helps protect you buy auto-harvesting farms to help save you not only gas fees but to help protect you. Having doHardWork is a huge benefit for those who have farms in this and it allows them to be able to create a cushion in case the pool possibly goes belly up. Not that that is expected as the NFT farms introduced months ago have had it and they are still going strong months later! It is a great fail-safe that Harvest added that I have only heard great things about. 


I personally do not participate in farms that are like this as I am pretty conservative in my Harvest farms but from what I have heard from other users it has only been a benefit to have it! With the current bull run-up in Bitcoin and Altcoins it can be hard for algorithmic stablecoins to maintain their peg as AMPL has really failed to do so the last week or so and continues to be under its $1 peg. This is something that I would assume would stabilize as soon as the markets overall do but with the Bitcoin and Altcoin push it's just to hard on the algorithms to do so. 


Its nice to see Harvest continuing to help protect their farmers! Remember to always do your own research as I am not a financial advisor! This farm though has not broken below 10,000% in days now so it is interesting to keep an eye on it and see how it continues to perform. If the iFARM yield was better I might jump in it as that is something I am looking for in a new farm to invest in is high or higher iFARM yields than the farms I currently am invested in! 

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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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