Harvest Finance Rolls Out the Whole Suite of Zerogoki Farms with CRAZY APY's!

Harvest Finance Rolls Out the Whole Suite of Zerogoki Farms with CRAZY APY's!

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 26 Aug 2021

After Harvest successfully launched their first algorithmic stablecoin pool created by Zerogoki they have recently added two farms that support Zerogoki's token that one uses to create the zUSD stablecoin! These farms just launched within the last couple of hours and are yeilding over 10,000% as they have virtually no assets at the moment! This will naturally fall back down but like most farms if you get in early naturally you get a larger slice of the pie! 


Before I write more about the addition of these two new farms I just wanted to point out that the zUSD-ETH farm has had its yield fall back down to a more normal level. While it had been above 10,000% APY it is now at 25% as the Zerogoki $200,000 a month bonus is not part of the rewards at this time. I am not sure if it has been paused or what but the 25% still is not a bad APY!


Now back to the new farms! When you go to Zerogoki's website you see that the platform runs on its native token called REI and this is used to mint/redeem zUSD and other assets on the platform. REI also has a relitively inexpensive price of $0.48 USD thus allowing people with smaller budgets to purchase more of the token which is something I really like to see! 


The yield farms from the Zerogoki platform revovle around USDT pairings with REI and the governance token which result in rewards of more REI. Harvest's farms are pairings instead of the native token REI and the more common place coins Ethereum and Bitcoin. The first pairing is REI-ETH and it is yeilding over 10,000% APY like I mentioned earlier. Currently it does not offer any iFARM rewards and instead is yeilding all of this strickly from Zerogoki rewards! I assume once more people deposit on the farm the iFARM rewards will be added. 


The other farm is REI-WBTC which is also yielding at over 10,000% APY as well from Zerogoki rewards. It has less than $1 in it so this is why this farm is yielding as high as it is. Again expect these APY's to fall as more assets are deposited! On the upside once more people do deposit then the iFARM rewards are likely ot be added! As I have written about before I am a huge iFARM fan and that alone is enough for me!


I really like how the Harvest team has added the whole suite of Zerogoki as it personally makes me believe in the Zerogoki platform more than I would with just one farm listed. I will continue to follow this farm and continue to learn more about it and pass along what I learn to yall! Also remember to DYOR (do your own research) as you might find some info that I might not have seen! 

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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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