Harvest Finance: New Arbitrum Farms!

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 19 Apr 2023

I have to give it to Harvest Finance as they really have continued with the petal-to-the-metal approach with the new Arbitrum blockchain addition. When they first released the new chain a couple of weeks ago I figured they would drop the 20 farms and take a break but it turns out that could not be further from the case. It almost seems like a new farm goes live every couple of days, and these have tended to be on this blockchain as opposed to Ethereum or Polygon. 


Two more were just released and they continue to be diverse in their additions. The first one is a SolidLizard farm with an interesting pairing that I have not seen before. This pairing is ETS Gamma - USD+ to be honest before looking into this pairing and the liquidity pool I had never heard of either one of the tokens and they do not seem to be the biggest/most common. As is normal for me I won't discuss the AYP since it has a low level of deposits and does not yet have iFARM distribution. 


The second one comes from a pretty familiar place and that is balancer. The pairing for this farm is also one I am much more familiar with and it is Radiant Capitals RDNT - WETH. Since it is a balancer pool the split is 80% RDNT and 20% WETH. Harvest has tweeted about this one so it already has deposits of over $1.7k which is pretty impressive! As with the SolidLizard farm, this one has not started to get iFARM distributions yet and based on how they wait till the distribution reduction before adding the new farms it will not occur for another 6 days. 


It is really nice to see the DeFi space start to heat up again as the crypto markets have started to warm as well. Having Harvest be at the forefront of this next wave will be critical for Harvest to continue to separate itself from the rest of the crowd. They have done and continue to do this with Harvest 3 likely launching them even further into the future and the rest of the industry having to catch up! 



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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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