Harvest Finance: Gone is COMFI-ETH 10,000+ APY Rewards

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 5 Jun 2021

When going over how my first ever SushiSwap LP deposit was doing on Harvest after one day today I realized that the COMFI-ETH farm had been moved to the inactive pool. Since it had only launched a few weeks earlier I was pretty confused about what had happened and why so I decided to look into it. June 1st the final derivatives were settled on the Ethereum chain and the project has since moved to Polygon.


Since Harvest has not developed anything on that chain yet Harvest does not have an answer for a new possible farm. I had thought about getting into the project due to the yields never going down and now I have to say I am happy I did not. As someone who has never handled how a platform migrating to another blockchain works, I have no idea how the token withdrawal from Uniswap, and then I would assume the Ethereum tokens are deposited somewhere in return for Polygon tokens. Long story short I am hearing a ton of gas fees being paid to unstake and move which I think is why roughly 1/4 of the inactive asset pool is currently on this farm. 


This is also really the first platform I have stumbled upon/have seen that has done a complete migration and now fully resides on another blockchain. With Polygon growing in popularity more and more people are adding it to their arsenal I am not one of those people. Complifi's twitter though does have the bridge added onto the ETH side of their app to help people move their funds over to Polygon which itself has $7 billion in assets already on it. I wonder if Polygon could become the replacement for BSC due to BSC being as centralized as a blockchain could be and Polygon not being that way. Polygon does have transactions that cost pennies which is arguably better than what BSC even offers. 

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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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