FinTech and Crypto Are Teaming Up

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 25 Feb 2024

One of, if not the biggest, barrier crypto continues to struggle to grapple with is onboarding people into the crypto space. Yes, a ton of work has been done by some very smart people to address this shortcoming but for mass adoption to really take place much more work needs to be done. This is in a way what FinTech has come in and done in the last decade or so to the traditional market system. Since FinTech is the most tech-savvy area of the traditional market system it makes a ton of sense for them to be able to help crypto out and further the end goal of crypto, onboarding the masses and freeing people from centralized bodies. 


With their 30 million active monthly users an issue I have personally run into with MetaMask is getting my fiat from my bank account to the blockchain without using either a CEX or paying some stupid crazy fees from my bank/credit cards. MetaMask is tackling this issue with its new partnership with FinTech company Robinhood. While many have mixed if not negative feelings about Robinhood it should be noted that it still is a popular app that is used and it has really been building out its Robinhood debit card segment. 


For MetaMask this is an important step for one huge reason. Robinhood is a publically traded company that given the Gamestop saga has been in the spotlight when it has come to regulations and they have been in the clear. Given that the US regulation space is dicey at best this partnership really helps shore up MetaMask as the industry continues to grow and they continue to add more and more users to their wallet. Taking into consideration that Robinhood also has some experience in the crypto space this is really a great partnership for both sides and helps make the movement of fiat into crypto just that much easier helping both companies. 





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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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