After Plenty of Waiting and a lot of Hoping It Is Here... Harvest 3

By Cje95 | Chronic Illness and Crypto | 23 May 2023

Crypto winter has hit everyone in the industry and just when the market seems to be heating back up again politicians have emerged again trying to suck the little bit of happiness we have recently had out of us. Thankfully though there is another bright shining star that should be familiar to readers and writers alike on this site and that is Harvest Finance has finally released Harvest 3. As someone who has used this platform almost since its launch, I have been anxiously waiting to see what the newest version was going to look like. While it wasn't a bad-looking site by any means you could tell if you used enough DeFi protocols that it was dated in what it had to offer. 


This surprise release has honestly blown my mind. The functions added exceeded my expectations and have honestly blown me away with how well they all flow together. Once you launch the app you are treated by a whole new interface as you can see below. 



Not only is this screen remarkable but when you open up any of the farms the information that you are given is a remarkable upgrade!




Here you are able to see not only the APY but also see how it has performed which is represented by the Daily section and shows you on a graph a variety of options like the TVL over a certain time period. Information like this allows users to really be able to pick farms to use that address whatever their needs are in a farm. Other DeFi protocols will show some but they do not show this amount of information in such a clean and easy-to-understand way as Harvest has done here! 


Other important features that have been added or are in the process of being added include the Ethereum chain you can exchange any token/crypto in your Ethereum wallet to deposit into a farm. This feature is going to be added to the other blockchains that Harvest is deployed on (Polygon and Arbitrum). The overall rollout and delivery of this newest iteration have been honestly phenomenal. Between the new dashboard and the Zapp functionality that has been implemented along with the plethora of info available to users, Harvest has taken a huge step forward in separating itself from all the other DeFi protocols out there. 



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Chronic Illness and Crypto
Chronic Illness and Crypto

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