The Necessity of singing for God

By EmiPrecious | ChristianLiterature | 23 Jul 2021

Can you just imaging in your hearts, the reasons why God desires that you sing for Him? Does singing for God and to Him have any effect in the life of the chorister? Below are some of the reasons why you must continually sing to God and for Him.

Singing is a Command:
When you sing to God and for Him, you are obeying Him. It is not an option; it is a command in the Holy Scriptures. So you become an obedient child when you sing.
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs with thankfulness in your hearts to God Col. 3:16.

When you Sing, you Build up Others:
You strengthen the faith of the listeners when you sing; you give them strength to carry on. Sometimes, songs carries a powerful message that is capable of healing the feeble minded.

When you Sing, you Make a War:
Do you know that there are warfare songs? You may have been undermining the power of warfare praises, but remember what happened to the walls of Jericho. You may be so weak and tired to pray, but singing can help you out. It can penetrate the same level that prayer does. Songs prepares God for war more than prayers.

Singing Strengthens us Spiritually in Times of Trial:
Remember Paul and Silas who were imprisoned unjustly for the sake of the Gospel. All they could do that night was to sing; and God manifested Himself. Songs helps us to bind our confidence in God.

When We Sing, We Glorify God:
Singing moves Him. It helps in bringing down His kingdom to us. It makes God to feel fulfilled perfecting the purpose of making man. We become His right hand man when we sing for Him. Singing makes His presence worthwhile in our lives.

The Choir is a Reflection of Heaven:
Prophet Isaiah gave a glimpse into God’s throne room with Angels singing together in Isa.6:3. John the divine painted a similar picture in the book of revelation. When the congregation listens to the choir as they sing in harmony of voice and spirit, they are momentarily transported to the throne room of heaven. The congregation must not discount the richness the choir brings to the church’s worship experience. The pastors and deacons with other leaderships in the church does only things that takes place here on earth - ordinances established on earth. They do what Angels do not do. But the ministry of the choir is something earthly and heavenly at the same time. The Angels may be a little bit jealous because you who are flesh and blood have been called upon to serve in the same ministry that they have been created for.
Singing makes you go to places you do not dream of going to. It makes you outstanding. It makes you to be renowned. But then you must be sensitive when you grow to this level for this is when the devil can come up with the spirit of pride to demean and destroy you.

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I'm Precious Emi, studied Computer Science at Gregory University


So many people are in church choir bearing the name “chorister” without a proper knowledge of the true meaning and purpose of the name they bear. Others who knows; have become apathetic towards building up their lives to conform to God’s instruction in the Holy Scripture on who a Chorister should be.

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