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Water Purification for under $10k

With the Word of the Lord as your fuel and purpose, you can go for extended periods of time without actually eating any material food or without drinking water.  A healthy human can generally expect to be able to go for up to about 40 days without food, up to about 3-4 days without water, and up to about 3 minutes without air, and remain healthy and alive, Lord willing.


Most people today do not drink enough water.  I know this because my friends are all routinely aware by now that if they mention anything about a headache or anything that's wrong with them, I include "drink plenty of clean water" with my prayers and anything else that I say, because I know that we simply are occupied with so many other things in life from moment to moment that we sort of assume that we can just go and go and go without drinking water or stopping for a breather, but many people are in a semi-extended sort of fast from good water and/or good rest because they rarely ever drink pure water, and they rarely ever truly find true rest for their soul, mind, body, spirit, and everything else that makes us who we are.  Most of my friends readily admit that they do not drink enough water.  


Jesus Christ provides rest, and He has told us of His water which when we drink it we are satisfied and we do not thirst again, and I am a witness to say that this is true!  The living water of Jesus Christ is of such purity and nourishment that once you have encountered the grace and truth of Him and Who He is, you know where you can go to find the same God Who is was and will always be in the pages of the Bible, in the Holy Spirit, and in the great teachings of shepherds whom He has entrusted with the Scriptures.  For some reason, I only ask certain ones of my friends about their prayer life, and whether they're getting enough of that water too.


Among the many other things which are taught about in the New Testament and in the Old Testament is the study of the end of time, and of the times and what they are like as we draw nearer and nearer to the great and terrible Day Of The Lord.  The Bible calls this day a day of darkness and terror and vexation, and God describes the days we are in now and are heading into as worse than this Earth has ever experienced, and worse than what will ever be experienced.  The Bible says it will be so bad that there will be people whose hearts will fail them because they look upon the things to come.


Among the many indicators and descriptions in the Passages we can learn about the end times from, there is a concurrent theme regarding water, and the spoiling of it, and its miraculous regenerative significance.


Water truly is our wellspring of life.  All of weather is made up because of what water does.  Billions upon billions of gallons of water are evaporated every second around the globe, and that many of billions are raining somewhere else.  We are drinking some of the same water that dinosaurs drank.  Water is the only natural element that I know of which expands when it freezes, and it is uniquely a part of life everywhere where we know that life exists, and everywhere where life exists that we know of, we can find water and see how water is central and essential to that life's existence, even the supposed kinds of life forms that are "anaerobic" and exist in arsenic or whatever .. those ecosystems that those scientists create to study those wild situations are only possible because of water, when you look around and trace it all back.


Mankind has yet to discover water anywhere else other than on Earth.  Every so often, NASA errantly will post big headlines saying things like, "Water found on a distant planet" and then when you read the article, they clarify it to say, "Evidence of water has been found on a distant planet."  Mankind has not found water anywhere else yet, except for on Earth.  For a long while, people speculated and said that Mars had icecaps which were made of water, but it has been proven that the substance that appears to have flowed like water is actually frozen and melting carbon dioxide.  The simple fact remains that humans have speculated for eons about this subject, but nobody has verifiably found water anywhere else but here on Earth.


This precious natural resource is something we only barely understand, and we've lived on it for our entire existence!  Water is used for so many things which we intentionally use it for, and we observe it used in so many other ways throughout life and nature, and there are yet ways that we have not even discovered yet where water is helping to sustain life.  Water brings the end of some life.  Water brings new life.  Water brings contaminants.  Water brings cleansing.  Water is good and bad, depending on the situation, but all in all water is good because it cannot be bad, except for when it has been cursed by man or by God.


There is a lot of water on this planet today which is being cursed by man, and which is going to be cursed by God, according to His Word.


There are industrial processes which condemn water molecules to permanent contamination because they are generated as the results of some of the most horrendously noxious and toxic industrial processes, often times merely to extract metal from rock which has been burrowed or blasted out of the ground.  The wastewater byproducts from not only mining and oil operations but from most modern smog-producing industries today are making much more water pollution than they are air pollution, and they're making a lot of air pollution, which everyone knows about.


There are some certain water sources which cannot be reclaimed by the system which I have outlined here, such as those bodies of water which have been completely contaminated by heavy metals or other industry toxic pollutants.  There is also a question of whether this system would remove all forms of radioactive contamination.  It has not been tested to de-irradiate water, and water itself doesn't actually become irradiated, it's the impurities in it which become irradiated, but, some radiation is stored in gases, and it is possible that this system would not strip that radiation from the water, if it existed. 


Aside from those mentioned egregious waste cases, the following system is capable of purifying most types of dirty source water and turning it into healthy, pure water again, free to be used as drinking water, or stored for up to 5-6 months in ideal conditions.  Most people do not store their water in ideal conditions (airtight glass container in a dark, cold environment), and so it depends on how much preparation you take, for how long you can store your water.  It is a best practice to drink/use your water in rotation, so that you're drinking/using your oldest water that you have stored, and as you do, you replenish it with fresh water, so that your whole supply never goes bad at the same time, if you're storing it in multiple containers.  If you are storing it in one container, then you need to empty it out and clean it at least once every 6 months to make it suitable for drinking and common use, or you are trusting that God will keep you safe and healthy as you feed your loved ones mildew and rotten water that becomes poisoned by the organic materials that grow over time in unsealed and light-exposed water, no matter how clean you get your water to begin with.


The system that I've outlined below and in the .png graphic is a general suggestion for a system that could be placed on a normal-sized 2-axle trailer that can be towed behind a regular pickup truck, and it can be built for about $9000 in a one-off construction, but if you're purchasing the parts to make several of these at a time, you can reduce the cost greatly.  This price is based on parts price research that I did a couple of years ago, so some things are going to be more or less expensive.  This is a rough guide for the price.


The science behind this is the strength of this flowchart.  I won't explain all of the research that I did, but each piece of this flow is in place because of a reason, and this system depends on each piece to be a part of the system.  The parts at the beginning of the system are replaced more often, and the parts at the end of the flow are replaced less often, from a frequency of up to perhaps several times per day, if you're replacing the primary paper filters and you're filtering really dirty water, out to at least 1.5 years for some of the consumable components like the uv lights and their sensors.  It is an expensive machine to run, and it is more expensive the more dirty the water is, if you follow the protocols for changing out the parts on schedule.


The cost, the efficiency, the efficacy, the portability, the accessibility, and the necessity for the design of this product were all hinged on the concept of being able to have a system which can reliably process any common dirty source water and turn it into pure clean water for drinking or any other use, which is in contrast to almost all municipal and modern water systems today.  Most systems today do not have this expressed goal or promise, and they acknowledge it.  Most municipal and other types of private and public water cleaning systems are not designed to filter out all common contaminants that could possibly be in their water; they send out test teams months before installing water systems, and they test for what pollutants they think they'll find, and then if they find those pollutants from the limited list of pollutants that they test for, or if they think there is a strong possibility of there being a contaminant there, they'll build a system which they think will take care of those specific contaminants, but no others, and these systems are not always re-tested very often to make sure that they're still effective for those local pollutants.


Aside from the fact that they're only testing for pollutants that they are telling themselves would/could exist there, there are several other glaring errors in the approach that modern water purification systems take today, but it all "boils down to" (haha) meeting the financial bottom line of saving as much money as possible when providing science and industry for massive amounts of people.  If they would make their systems about 3x as expensive as they all are now, they could easily test for and basically guarantee that their water supplies are free from all contaminants, but as it stands, there are not very many municipal or other kinds of water supply systems which would claim this.


The system here does claim this, except for the caveat regarding heavily-polluted source water from radiation gases or industrial waste.  Those cases are polluting the global water supply in ways that are affecting all water supplies eventually.  One day, the world's water will turn to blood because God says so.  Those who have the faith of Jesus Christ will not need to worry about such things, because He is our life and He tells us that we are alive because of every word that comes out of the mouth of our Father.


We do not need to worry, but, it is good to be informed and to know how to clean water.  That's why I spent a couple of years doing research and reading about a lot of modern and ancient ways that people have used to clean water, and I have come to the conclusion that almost all of our water is already polluted beyond repair, but, it is still cleanable and drinkable enough for us to live for now, otherwise we wouldn't be alive.  Some conclusion, I know.  The point is that even though disasters like the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the Deepwater Horizon oil rupture and the many ongoing pollutions that are happening daily are polluting the world's water supply, God created a very robust water-recycling system, and it has worked for a very long time.


When God first created the Earth, the people didn't even see rain!  When God told Noah to build an ark because He was going to send a flood, Noah had never seen rain or a flood like that, but he was faithful and built the ark anyway and God rewarded Noah's faith and the faith of those in his family who followed him onto the ark.


Ever since the flood, it has rained in cyclic fashion, and man has learned over the ages to purify water, and not to trust any source water, because there can and likely are things living in that water before you get to it, if you find it out in the wild, and it is best to take care of any water you find by at least filtering it and boiling it properly.


At a very basic bare minimum, this is the basic way I have learned and relied on to clean water that I find in a stream or lake or gather from a waterfall or spring:


1) filter it with a ceramic pump filter.  these are inexpensive and effective, and as long as you scrub them clean after each use with a green scrubby, they'll last for years and continue to filter most filterable contaminants from your water, and they screw right onto the top of a Nalgene-style water bottle.


2) bring the water to a rolling boil, start a timer for 5 minutes, and let it boil for 5 minutes, then of course let it cool before touching it or pouring it back into a plastic container.  it is essential that it boils for a full 5 minutes to guarantee that all microorganisms that remain in it after filtering it are killed, and during this time, some of the water will evaporate, though not a lot, but enough to notice.


3) filter it again with the ceramic pump before drinking or cleaning with the water.  not everybody would say to filter it again, or they might say to boil it first and then filter it, but I have followed this pattern for years, and I have never gotten sick from drinking bad water on a trip, while I have seen others who do not filter-boil-filter drink the same water and end up sick. 


Usually nowadays when I'm camping, I'm leading an excursion, and I'm responsible for making sure that the water is safe to drink and that the food is prepared and good for the whole trip, and although we all share these responsibilities among our group, I pay particular attention to make sure that every person is drinking clean water on our trips, because it's miserable to get sick on a wilderness trip and have to have people take care of you, although it's not unbearable, and I'm trained in several methods of first aid and wilderness survival, and I've got plenty of experience to be able to both treat a person and to let that person know how serious their condition is without sending them into a panic.


To clean your water this way doesn't cost more than whatever it costs to buy the ceramic pump, a water jug, and fire starting materials.  This is, in most normal situations, enough to clean most source water that is definitely not contaminated by industrial waste or radioactive material.  For situations where you need more than a water bottle's amount at a time, where perhaps a community needs to have a reliable way to turn dirty source water into cleaned pure water, that's where this system comes in:



:: Paper Filters are the first line of defense, after cleaning out most visible pollutants.  You would not want to dump gallons of thick mud into the machine, but instead you're putting in water that comes from perhaps a running stream or a waterfall or a standing lake or puddle.  This first set of paper filters is designed to get out the majority of the coarse materials, in an inexpensive way.  These get replaced regularly, before they break down.


:: Ceramic Filters are the next line of defense against the coarsest and largest particles that can be filtered out of water.  After passing through the paper filters and ceramic filters here, ~98% of all known contaminants are cleaned from the water.  These get cleaned regularly and replaced on a schedule, before they break down.


:: Boiling and Distilling is a step where the liquid water is purified by turning it into a gas which floats up and through a series of curved glass tubes and filters which only allow pure water through.  By this point of the cleansing process, almost every kind of known contaminant is left behind, and only a very few, but particularly disturbing, contaminants could possibly still be in the water, active and potent to make people ill.


:: UV Light is used to scramble the DNA of microorganisms that are still possibly present after the water has gone through the first few steps, preventing those organisms from functioning and reproducing.  Later on in the system, the UV lights are used both to scramble/kill the microorganisms, and also to ensure that the equipment remains free from new microorganism growth.  All of the equipment should be cleaned regularly, the UV lights are the added protection to ensure that this system can tolerate varying environments without the internal individual components growing bacteria or mold or other things before their cleaning schedule.  The UV lights have sensors which detect the light strength, to make sure they are at an acceptable brightness, and the sensors have sensors to make sure they are working.


:: Carbon Block Filters and Carbon Powder Filters are used at this point in the flow to remove any contaminants that the previous filters have not yet removed, including chemicals and petroleum like gasoline, trihalomethanes, solvents, chlorine, and other cleaners.  These filters are replaced on a schedule that corresponds with the level of known/unknown contaminants.


:: Silver-strand paper filters are used as a last-stage antibiotic screen, as silver is a metal which is known to have natural antibiotic qualities.  These paper filters are replaced regularly.  The silver can be recycled.


:: Ceramic filtering and boiling are used again to remove any tiny particulates that could have been introduced from the silver strand paper filter, and as one last-stage effort to remove physical particles from the water.  These components are washed regularly, and they are replaced over a much longer time span than the ceramic filters and components in the earlier part of the system, as it is mostly pure water passing through them.


:: Electric ozonation is a last-stage effort to further neutralize/kill any organic material that may possibly be present in the water.  While it is arguable that in most situations, the previous stages in this flowchart would be sufficient to properly mitigate any possible contaminants, this final step is to ensure the goal of this water purification system, which is to be able to clean any dirty source water and to make it pure drinkable water.  Based on the research I've done, it is actually possible for some types of organisms to survive all of the processes mentioned already, and this electric ozonation is considered to be a most certain way to kill or neutralize any remaining organic material.  I would add one more ceramic filter and UV light after this ozonation, for redundancy, but it would be redundant at this point.


:: Sodium / potassium bicarbonate added to reconstitute the mineral makeup of the water.  Some people are especially sensitive to salt, so the potassium bicarbonate can be used as a portion of the mixture if needed, which shouldn't upset their sensitivity as much.  To understand what this stage is needed for, you can think of pure distilled water as kind of like a dry sponge, and as it is exposed to the air and a container or the ground and the environment, those "dry sponge" water molecules absorb whatever is in the environment that it comes in contact with, so that water that has been in the earth for eons is naturally full of a mix of earthly minerals, whereas pure distilled water that has been sitting out in the air for a long time is devoid of those minerals, but instead it has absorbed carbon dioxide and whatever else is in the air.  Water that doesn't have natural minerals in it has different tastes, but "normal" water taste is the taste with a little bit of minerals, and this taste sensation is influenced heavily by the temperature of the water.  To solve these problems in larger scale water purification efforts, scientists have discovered that adding a little bit of sodium and potassium bicarbonate at the end of the process helps with the flavor and it keeps the water "fresh" and healthy to drink.




Buying the parts mentioned here, plus all the nuts, bolts, clasps, wires, sensors, etc.., plus a regular $1500 2-axle trailer, should cost somewhere under $10,000 if you're building only one of these.  If you can build 2 or more, you can buy these parts in quantities that have discounted prices.



If people knew how easy and inexpensive this system could be, I think we could see them introduced into places where the water is perpetually dirty, or in places where it's an emerging situation and they need portable water filtration.  Nobody needs to pay anybody to put this system together.  I've put it together in this outline as a labor of love to show how simple it can be, and hopefully to make the information freely available for those who might need it one day.

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