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COIN App and XYO Network (my search for an infinix NFC enabled device)





COIN is a money-App from XYO Network used for mining "COIN" (the App native token). A user can generate COIN while on the move (geomining), or manually at a fix point (Base mining). Upon reaching withdrawal threshold of (10,000), COIN can be redeemed for varieties of items like electronics gadgets, Bitcoin and Ethereum or XYO token (the cryptocurrency powering the XYO Network). And each redeem options requires different amount of COIN.


About XYO network


According to their site "XYO is a technology protocol designed to improve the validity, certainty, and value of data." Meanwhile the XYO network (the project) is geared towards collecting geospatial data, in order to meet future demands on location verification and navigation. And unlike other navigation Apps like Google map, the XYO COIN App is a Web3 move to earn project that rewards users for their day to day movements or travel data.


How it work


"The XYO network is divided into four components: Sentinels, Bridges, Archivists, and Diviners. Together, the components provide a fully decentralized network capable of combining cryptographic security with real-world data." This means that any activity facilitating the transfer of location data to XYO network database falls under one of the four components of the network, and COIN App serves as Sentinel.


•  What is Sentinels

SentinelX NFC Card

COIN users are technically Sentinels, as they fetch and relay location(s) data to the Bridge which further move the information to the Archivists for the future use of Diviners. That is to say that geominers (COIN users) help the XYO Network validate locations, most especially when their devices makes  contact with each other in a location. How this, each time two or more geominers (sentinels) are in close range with each other, they form a bound witness (consensus) about the very location they're on, thereby authenticating the certainty and validity of the said location(s) to the XYO network. And that operation goes with a higher mining rewards for the bound witnesses. This explains the possible logic behind the mining boost that happens when a sentinel card pairs up to an NFC enabled device, presumably the network sees both the card and the phone as two Sentinels. 


Reward Boost


There are various ways to speed up mining rewards on different blockchain, and to boost COIN mining rate a user either upgrade to premium (monthly subscriptions) or buy a Sentinel NFC card which is worth $49 dollars. Though the App has a basic plan, but the reward rate on premium plans is higher than that of basic with just a 1X reward. But the fact that basic plans still get a 12X reward boost with an NFC Sentinel card makes it pocket friendly for those that cant afford a premium plan, which is better than nothing.

Meanwhile the great thing currently happening on the XYO ecosystem is the ongoing promo where NFC Sentinel card are been given out for FREE (the only charge is the shipment fee). But an NFC enabled device is required to use the NFC card, And NFC devices aren't common in most market around the world, which inspired my first post on XClub enquiring about availability of NFC enabled device in my local market (a question yet to be answered).

Does anyone knows about any model(s) of infinix phone(s) with NFC capability? Anticipating your responses at the comment box. Thanks


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