Earn some crypto

Earn some crypto

By Fantomette | ChinDan02 | 15 Jun 2021

Even when market is on the red zone we still can earn some good amount of crypto.

The best one for me is CakeDFI. 

CakeDefi is one of the best platforms to earn even on a bear market.

Join my referral and you can earn 30 dollars worth in DFI. https://app.cakedefi.com/?ref=667989


I am already 3 months with them and earned 100 DFI worth 320 dollars right now, aprox 1 DFI/ day.


This is my liquidity pool on CakeDFI and my earnings so far. The DFI earned from Liquidity pool goes straight to staking pool where I can get up to 163% APY right now if you freeze your DFI for at least 1 month.


It is an easy option to keep the crypto in liquidity pool or staking and not sell them when the price is low. That why I will freeze for 10 years what I earn in 1st year and then I will wait.  My investment will be covered after a year and I will have at least same amount of DFI in dollars which is in freezer and wait for them to be baked nice and smooth .

Have a good one community.



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