What can children learn from smartphones?

By ckphung | Childhood memories | 23 Jul 2020

Smartphones are very smart, but users must have a certain level of ability to use them.

Around the article "Books or phones", share reviews about smartphone use with young children:

Not everyone knows how to use their phones effectively. Children have poor awareness, even not fully formed, personality, vocabulary, ... missing, how do they know what needs, what to learn?

With Google, some users only take 5 minutes to find the problem, but those who do not know how to ask 1,000 times is still the same. Google is very smart but requires a certain level of user experience to communicate, explaining what you want? Children use a smartphone, I see all nonsense videos, play games without any knowledge or learning from it. Even, they increasingly lazy exercise, obesity, eye pain, but where the benefits?

In the ladder of developing intelligence and abstract thinking, "playing and experiencing in real life" topped the table. Smart children often come from the vast countryside, have an intense childhood, grow up to lose only due to conditions of education not equal to the city, but if going to the city to study when growing up, often topped the class learn. Then there is "reading" (promoting imagination), followed by videos, smartphones.

There is no denying the role of television as well as smartphones to human intelligence, especially children aged 7-11 years (providing a wide range of vocabulary, a wide worldview ...). But there must be moderation to avoid affecting physical activities, experiences with real life. Everything has good and bad sides, but the problem is how to use them, who uses, how much to use, what problems to solve?






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Oh my life

Childhood memories
Childhood memories

The day I came back to my hometown, I saw the pictures of children bringing small hands to catch the rain drops from the porch, I suddenly recalled my childhood days with so many memories with my friends. neighbors ... That day, we were all children of the same age, living in the same neighborhood and having been close since childhood. Every time the school year ends, when I see the dazzling sun and hear the cicadas in the wind, my friends and I jubilantly "plan" for the summer days.

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