Seven questions to know if you're addicted to the game or not

By ckphung | Childhood memories | 23 Jul 2020

If you can answer all of the following questions, then you will abandon the game successfully:

1. What game do you play? What is the interesting about that game?

2. What do you gain from that game?

3. What do you have to trade to get things in that game?

4. What do you have to spend in exchange for that game?

5. Will the things you gain from that game last forever?

6. Assuming you have mastered all the points to get to the highest position you want in that game, what will you do next?

7. If you know what to trade and what to gain from the game, are you ready to trade? And in the end, if you trade it forever, is it or is it manipulated by the game makers? Will you continue to be a puppet?

If the above seven statements still make you unable to quit playing games, then really no way, you really are true puppets of the home made games.


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Oh my life

Childhood memories
Childhood memories

The day I came back to my hometown, I saw the pictures of children bringing small hands to catch the rain drops from the porch, I suddenly recalled my childhood days with so many memories with my friends. neighbors ... That day, we were all children of the same age, living in the same neighborhood and having been close since childhood. Every time the school year ends, when I see the dazzling sun and hear the cicadas in the wind, my friends and I jubilantly "plan" for the summer days.

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