Playing games is just a way to escape from reality

By ckphung | Childhood memories | 23 Jul 2020

I realized that when I was dissatisfied, unsatisfied with my work, study, life, I turned to games as a way to escape from reality.

My hometown of many children playing games made learning worse. My two grandchildren play the game quite a lot, learning is only average (almost repeating). My younger brother also plays games from high school years, from good students at provincial and district levels to good students. My brother-in-law played the game to the point of usury, owe 150 million dong and burned many paychecks into the game.

In the past, I used to play games that were also sophisticated and skilled. I even listed the "owner" of the game shop owner because she clicked too much, so fast, at risk of damage to her controller and game console.

I played all sorts of games (video games with four buttons, then games like online chess ...), finally realizing that I was just hiding from reality. When I was dissatisfied, unsatisfied with my work, my study, my life, I turned to games. I'm not addicted, just play for two hours a day but I don't find it good at studying. Before that, when I was not playing the game, I was in a good team of students at the provincial level.

I think some of the gaming business people are free, so they deliberately maintain relationships with customers and partners, thereby practicing gaming. My friends in college, those who play games all study very well, while my friends and I don't play games very well. College class, those who don't play games are very good, and the ones who play games are pretty good.

>> I play games without 'being addicted'

We humans should take into account efficiency, not just intelligence. Intelligence that does not work, does not have results in work, who records? Playing games doesn't know if it's smarter, but it definitely takes time first. It is time that helps determine results. The best way to practice intelligence is to learn programming.

Listening to music is not the same as playing a game because there has been clear scientific research before it has been shown that listening to symphonic music, classical ... will create concentration for the brain and stimulate the imagination. And I don't see anyone listening to music for hours or days. Successful people are those who have the ability to postpone normal personal desires to focus on their goals, solve problems and accept conflicts in life without distractions. .


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Oh my life

Childhood memories
Childhood memories

The day I came back to my hometown, I saw the pictures of children bringing small hands to catch the rain drops from the porch, I suddenly recalled my childhood days with so many memories with my friends. neighbors ... That day, we were all children of the same age, living in the same neighborhood and having been close since childhood. Every time the school year ends, when I see the dazzling sun and hear the cicadas in the wind, my friends and I jubilantly "plan" for the summer days.

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