By ckphung | Childhood memories | 24 Jul 2020

Whether we are happy or sad, satisfied, satisfied or upset, dissatisfied, these seem to be completely dependent on what we achieve in life. What we want and what we actually get seems to be the key to determining our mood.

I say it seems, because most people think so. In our career, we expect to have a high income. An unexpected salary increase may make us happy. We look forward to a new car. When we save enough to actually buy it, we are happy, satisfied ... Many and many of the same things can be told in our lives, and moments of joy, Satisfied that way, more or less each of us has ever experienced.

Similarly, we are upset and dissatisfied when things do not go as expected. Assets lost, unemployed, broken test ... can be the cause of sadness for us. And just like that, our joys and sorrows are tied to what happens to us in life.

But the problem will be different if we try to look back and analyze everything in an overall perspective, with an objective and broad perspective. Each joy in the same way never lasts forever. How long will you be happy after your pay rise date? Maybe a few days ... or a few weeks, but certainly not forever. How long will you be upset after a failed test? Maybe a few weeks ... or a few months, but certainly not forever. Therefore, the way the effects of things make us happy or sad can be described similarly to the ripples that spread when we throw a pebble into a still water. We see them for a while and then disappear. Finally, the water surface will return to its original state of calmness.

Each of us has a calm water surface in our souls to return after the ups and downs of life. This is the state of our souls at times when "unhappy and not sad". In communication, we often often recognize this and call it "character", as "nature" ... although these words are not accurate. There are people who are optimistic, happy, and meet anyone ready to smile and make friends; on the contrary, there are people who are naturally grumpy and grumpy, even though there is no cause, it is easy to talk hard to others ...

If we take the time to observe each of our acquaintances, we will see that each person has a different "nature", no one like anyone. It is also in this difference of "nature" that each person is affected differently from events in life. The same thing can cause one person to be very sad and depressed while another person can easily overcome it in a very short time.

The impact of different events in life on us is real, but that is not all. And we have also considered the relationship between the impact of things and the so-called "nature" of each person. The impact of events is only temporary, and most events that occur involve a lot of factors that are not in our initiative. Meanwhile, nature is the element that usually exists in each of us and we can master it. Therefore, the most practical problem for us is to change the nature, not to demand an event change.

Recent studies show that there seems to be a genetic influence on a person's natural nature. This comment is made when examining twins with different feeding and social environment but still very similar in nature. However, there has not been any specific official research result. And even if genetic factors have a certain effect on human nature, that is just one of many other factors. Among these factors, a view of life formed from educational conditions and the environment plays an important role. And more importantly, the directed effects that we can make by using the methods of training and cultivating to perfect our own nature. We will return to this issue in another chapter.06da198e8bf66590ebd12ba6cd78d70a13a12cea54b86cdb9f58d570b19a0d76.jpeg



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Oh my life

Childhood memories
Childhood memories

The day I came back to my hometown, I saw the pictures of children bringing small hands to catch the rain drops from the porch, I suddenly recalled my childhood days with so many memories with my friends. neighbors ... That day, we were all children of the same age, living in the same neighborhood and having been close since childhood. Every time the school year ends, when I see the dazzling sun and hear the cicadas in the wind, my friends and I jubilantly "plan" for the summer days.

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