FREE BITCOIN ????? Using the CryptoTab browser, surf the web and have bitcoin

By ckphung | Childhood memories | 16 Aug 2020

1. Does web surfing with CryptoTab affect your web experience?
Unless you are familiar with internet explorer, coccoc, opera or firefox, you will probably have to change habits and get used to the way the new browser works. CryptoTab browser is completely similar to Chrome browser, you will have no problem using CryptoTab instead of Chrome.

Does the speed of the computer decrease? Does the surfing speed decrease?
No decrease, on the contrary. CryptoTab browser only uses redundant resources to exploit and does not affect the speed of your computer.
Surf speed on the contrary also increased significantly. Recommended by developers is 8 times faster than Chrome browser. But test on my computer, it is 5 times faster, probably will check again in a while longer.

Can sync everything
Yes, like 100% Chrome and you can sync everything on your computer with your phone. This browser is available for both computers and smartphones.

2. How to get bitcoin
This is simple, just go to the homepage of CryptoTab here  and download the browser for your device (computer or phone), install it and turn on mining mode and the browser will automatically dig for friend. See how to turn on nining at the end of this article (if you need it).

But if you only make passive money with excess computer resources, it will take a long time. You can make extra money by referring others to use the browser. Referral commission up to 10 levels. Isn't that great? See how to get ref links or banners at the end of this article (if you need one).


Finally, at the same time you can mine Bitcoin on multiple machines with the same account. You also do not need to log in on another computer, just at the link to turn on the link on another computer or device, the results will be added to your account. This tool you will see me introduce at the end of the article.
3. Note when using the CryptoTab browser to exploit?
You should log in to your browser as soon as you download it, using your gmail account to login or another social network account. I recommend using gmail because gmail is still the most secure account to me.
Why must I log in?
Firstly, you can sync everything with your account, what's on your Chrome browser will be available on CryptoTab as soon as you sync. This makes your experience more familiar and easier to sell.
Second: To prevent your computer or phone from being damaged, if you reset the bitcoin number you earn may be evaporated. Logging in will help CryptoTab save all your information and results. As long as you use CryptoTab on another device or after your device is reset with the same account, all results will be kept for you.
4. Is CryptoTab Scam
As far as I know, CryptoTab was released in July 2018, with the information received from the search for proof of payment, CrytpTab is still available to users.
As for the future, I'm not sure, nothing is permanent. Anyway, using the browser is free, speeding up the web surfing, so this is the main reason I download and recommend it here.
5. Turn on Mining and get the referral link
How to turn on mining
After downloading and installing CryptoTab, open your browser. If not yet download, you can download right here.
Open the browser, the upper right corner of the screen you will see the dash, where I circle.


Click that location and you'll see what you need to do, even if the browser is turned on for the first time.


Everything is as simple as that.
Or way 02, in the upper right corner of the screen you will see the symbol of CryptoTab


Click on it and you will go to the tab page of tools needed for making bitcoin.
Now just pull to turn it on (on)


Get the referral link or referral banner

Click the CryptoTab icon in the upper right corner of the screen to go to the Overview tab for earning Bitcoin.


You will immediately be taken to DASHBOARD where you will see your referral link, just send it to your friend.


Here >>> Cryptotab Browser

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Oh my life

Childhood memories
Childhood memories

The day I came back to my hometown, I saw the pictures of children bringing small hands to catch the rain drops from the porch, I suddenly recalled my childhood days with so many memories with my friends. neighbors ... That day, we were all children of the same age, living in the same neighborhood and having been close since childhood. Every time the school year ends, when I see the dazzling sun and hear the cicadas in the wind, my friends and I jubilantly "plan" for the summer days.

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