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If you are using electricity in your house, this message is for you.

By Chigent LiteNews | Chigent | 4 May 2020

Nowadays, Many people do use electricity in their house. Electricity is the connection of circuit in a physical layer of circuit. Electricity is important to the society because it is used for doing many things. 

Electricity can be used for Cooking, washing clothes, drying clothes, boiling water, pressing clothes etc. People uses electricity for different purposes but electricity has it own advantages and disadvantages.

The common disadvantages of electricity is that it can kill a person or cause fire outbreak in a building.

This article portrays things to do after using electricity in your home.

1. Always  off the bulb light, immediately leaving the house because they may be high current and can lead to for outbreak in various houses.

2. Limit the way which you boils water because many water boiler can cause a house to catch fire if mistakenly handle by the user.

3. Always clean your hand when touching an electronic appliance because wet hand can get shocked once touched with any electric charged device.

4. Make sure you put on rubber foot wear before touching an electronic device because the footwear decrease the effects of the shock infused by the electronic appliance.

Stay safe.


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