Unibright – The Solution for Companies to Enter into Blockchain Realm
Unibright – The Solution for Companies to Enter into Blockchain Realm

By Chesatochi | Chesatochi | 7 May 2020


We live in a world where the emergence of blockchain is a natural evolution to something better. It is a technology that offers so much more than a simple database.

Companies are curious and eager to try it because they want to know what potential this can bring to their core operation. You know, at the beginning of the emergence of the internet, nobody has predicted what we use today.

The same analogy might happen with the surge of blockchain and solutions around that area.

What is Unibright?

It is a company that existed before tapping into the world of blockchain and has an extensive track record. They see a potential technology that might help them in a new direction and build an additional stream of income.

If you don't take a risk, you never know what you miss. – Chesatochi.com

The mission of Unibright is to help companies to get started and integrate blockchain with no jargon or technical expertise. They have worked hard to build a painless process with templates and tools to automate a lot of things.

Partnership of Unibright

With the years of being in business, they have built strong relationships and created important partnerships.

It is an important indicator because is proof that big players approve and find useful the value they bring to them.

When you test a project, always pay attention to the partnerships section. – Chesatochi.com

Utility token UBT

When a project builds a token, they need to make it work and be useful for people to use it. That is the major reason most of the token has lost over 90% of its value during the crypto bear market.

With the UBT token, you can do the following elements:

  • Building a smart contract.
  • Create a smart contract connection.
  • Tokenization.
  • Workshops.

Unibright white paper

When you want to discover and know more about a project. The best place to start is to read the whitepaper. What I liked about this one, it is not too long with 30 pages.

I suggest concentrating on sections 3 and 5 where is the core of Unibright.

You can download the white paper at the following link.

An excellent example of using the token

The website has over five sub-domains that explain what they do with testimonials and examples.

Where I believe the value live is, they offer custom packages for their clients to buy with their native token UBT.

A magnificent example below where you have 50% off if you pay with UBT. This is extraordinary and brings value for the token to increase.

Demo walkthrough

I watched a cool video that shows a demonstration of one tool of Unibright. It is worth to check it and you will understand the powerful technology behind it.

The video emphasizes on how to build a simple process, then the smart contract is built automatically for you, just WOW!

Last word

If you are a company looking to tap into the world of blockchain technology and don't want to know and understand the complexity of smart contracts. It is a solution that Unibright has build for you.

Maybe you are curious to see and test if this solution is the right one.

Go check the website at this link.

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PS: I am not a financial adviser, and this is only my opinion. Always do your own research before embracing investment in the crypto space.


Chesatochi.com - For the love of crypto and coffee


Chesatochi.com - For the love of crypto and coffee

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