Reviewhunt – a Great Opportunity to Collect the Crypto Hunt Token


Do you love doing tasks and receive a reward for your time and effort. I love that as well. This is one of the things I like from the crypto space, we have so amazing opportunities on our plate.

Reviewhunt is the name you need to remember, keep it on the tip of your lips and store it in every cell of your brain. I'm joking but it is something to explore if you love the idea of getting free crypto for doing cool stuff.

The interface of Reviewhunt

I created a cool video where I show the types of tasks you can expect from the platform. I invite you to check this video and if you like what I am doing follow my crypto and coffee channel

Doing a simple task

I did my first task easily. The task was to share my Reviewhunt YouTube video on another community, I chose Uptrend and this was it.

The task asked for 2 easy actions of my part as proof for receiving the reward. I needed to do the following requirements:

  • Print a screenshot of the website.
  • Post the link.

It took me only 5 minutes and I will get rewarded with $1 of the hunt token.

Create a task

You can also put the hat of a maker under the same account. Basically, a maker is a person who creates a task for the hunters.

You first need to purchase the hunt tokens and deposit it in your wallet on the Reviewhunt website. Then, you can allocate the fund toward a task and specify the requirement. I haven't tested this feature but I am pretty confident it might be straightforward and easy.

The type of tasks you can create:

  • People following your YouTube channel.
  • Spread the awareness of your projects on social networks.
  • Ask people to join a program under your affiliate but don't think this is a good idea.
  • Your imagination is the limit of what you can crate.

What do you need to remember about Reviewhunt?

Under the same account, you can be a hunter or a maker. The same analogy of being an employee or an employer.

You work to get the hunt tokens and reward or you are the guy who pays a salary to employees.

The concept is easy to understand and it is always cool to have an opportunity of this kind in the crypto space.

Last word

I did two tasks in less than 15 minutes for the purpose of testing the hunter section. It is easy for anyone to give it a try and do some tasks for the purpose of collecting hunts tokens.

I believe it is good for people who don't want to invest their money and get crypto for their time. It is not a job but you can see it as a small income.

You can give it a try and follow the Reviewhunt website under my affiliate link. – For the love of crypto and coffee

PS: I am not a financial adviser, and this is only my own opinion. Always do your own research before embracing investment in the crypto space

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