Check out TokenGen's awesome options for your new token!

Check out TokenGen's awesome options for your new token!

By TheBigXion | Work | 1 Jun 2021

I know, you wanna create your own crypto to give it a shot at this new ever-growing market, but understanding blockchains, contracts, and whitepapers is really hard, it takes time, and you just want to do it without minding complicated code-related stuff, right?

No, I'm not a mind reader; it's just that lots of people have your same issues, and that's why today I wanna present to you all the possibilities TokenGen can offer to developers.

If you still don't know what TokenGen is you can look it up here, but in short terms, it's an easy-to-use graphic BSC token creator, which has helped a lot of people create their own crypto and make amazing profits, even with no previous experience!

TokenGen brings a lot of possibilities aboard for new projects, in this post we will discuss them and see which one suits best for you and the token of your dreams.



Free token

This one is for those of you who wanna try out the world of crypto-developing without having to invest money in it. Completely free except for gas fees and gives you the possibility of having your own token with its name, symbol, and the verified BSCcan contract that you need to start trading with your brand new coin. Perfect for beginners at crypto development.

Free tokens have a fixed supply of 21M tokens.



Simple token (0.3BNB)

The simple token option is the best one if you wanna make a small coin to experiment with, it has the same possibilities as the free one, but with the added benefit of choosing your own fixed supply, this will allow you to start getting what crypto world is really about. Recommended for small developers.


Basic token (1BNB)

This is the one that will allow you to start doing some nice tweaks to your token.

The Basic package includes a capped supply instead of a fixed one; This gives you access to token minting, which combined with the burning operation that this offer also includes can help you moderate token supply as you please, giving you much better control over the token and its price. Perfect for those developers who already have some experience and want to start playing around with some parameters



Deflationary token (2BNB)

This is the real deal. With this package you will have all the options TokenGen has to offer to help you become the ultimate developer of a successful coin; it has all the previous offers' benefits, plus some extra features, like auto burning and distribution fees. Both of them will help you gain control over the crypto's moves and give it some extra distinction from other tokens.

Another new option available with this offer is the setting of a transfer maximum, which will be very helpful in avoiding unwanted moves and will help you have a bigger control over transactions.


Extra info and useful links

Those were the 4 packages TokenGen is offering right now, if you are interested in any of them check out their website, also if you need help buying go here, for any extra questions you can make a comment or go to the TokenGen's telegram.



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