Feeding an Army: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Feeding an Army: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Got a hungry family and you need something in a pinch? 

Grilled Cheese sandwiches are always a staple, particularly with kids. Even when your darling is in sports and brings the entire team home to feed, just bust out some cheese slices, some bread, butter, and maybe some garlic powder to taste!

If you are feeling plucky, I also have a Swiss mushroom version.

Family Grilled Cheese 2.0


(Serves 9-10, depending on the loaf)

1 loaf of bread (If you want to go healthier, get wheat)

1 package of cheese slices (American or cheddar works best for the normal ones), make sure to get one with 24 slices.

1/2 tbsp of butter per sandwich

(Optional) Powder or salt for taste. Onion or Garlic is the best.

1 Skillet

1 flipper

1 knife for cutting optional items.

Crank the stove on to medium, and while it heats up, load up your sandwiches and butter on the side. You want a skillet big enough to fill in two, but you're not going to do two at a time. Put two slices of cheese in each sandwich, and if you like adding the onion or garlic, put it on the cheese inside so it gets in the cheese well. 

The key is the technique. With a skillet throw on that half tbsp in there and make sure the skillet is all covered. Put the first sandwich in and squish it a little with the flipper. This closes the sandwich up a little better when it's done. When the cheese is starting to melt on the edge, flip it over with the flipper and put it into the other side of the butter-coated pan. This allows both sides to get that buttery goodness. The entire process shouldn't take more than five minutes to get golden brown.

Put it on the plate and repeat the process.

Swiss Mushroom Grilled Cheese


All of the above except you need Swiss Cheese and a small handful of fresh mushrooms. Do not use canned in this instance because the wet liquid will seep into the bread and make it soggy.

Now, depending on the mushroom, they may be pretty big or small. In either case, start up the pan like last time, and dice the mushrooms into finer bits. If you have a shredder, use that instead. The finer the better.

It might be best to cook them first with a half a Tbsp of butter, getting them all chopped ahead of time. A quick 5 minutes on medium heat will make them easier to manage as they tend to shrink when cooked.

Load up one slice of Swiss, put the finely cut mushroom in the center, put the other slice on.

This time, you also want to make sure the sandwich as pressed as possible, so press down on it lightly as it makes it's first run to make sure the cheese is melted enough to stick.


Math time! Let's do it with the cheapest of the cheap. Walmart pricing shown as of 7/9/20

Loaf of Bread: Great Value White Round Top bread- 1.99 (You can often find a sale for cheap .99 loaves, but let's use this for now)

Cheese: Kraft Cheese Singles, 24ct - 3.99

Butter: Great Value Sweet Cream Salted Butter, 16 oz 2.98

So a 20 slice loaf will get 10 sandwiches, a 24 slice Kraft cheese will leave you four slices behind, and 1/2 a tablespoon of butter for each sandwich will only use 5 tbsp. You are essentially using 5/8th of a stick in a package of 4. You are using $.47 of that entire package for this. I will leave out optional flavoring since you only need a shake of a bottle. It's hard to determine "to taste" that way.

.47 +1.99+ 3.99

$6.45 for 10 normal grilled cheese sandwiches.

Swiss: Sargento Aged Swiss Natural Cheese (11 Slices) $2.88

Mushrooms: Monterey Sliced White Mushrooms $1.98

Now, if you want to do an entire loaf's worth of these, you'll have to buy two Sargento's. One sliced mushroom package should be enough to slice mushrooms, but you just want a small handful per sandwich. 

5.76 + 1.99 + 1.98

9.73 for ten sandwiches.

The mushroom Swiss grilled cheese is only one of many switch ups you can make to the old recipe. Just make sure to make whatever middle you put in between the cheese isn't too big or bulky. You want the sandwich to seal with the cheese.

If you find any other good combos for this, leave a message in the comments below!

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