Brody Salad (Recipe)

Brody Salad (Recipe)

You want to talk about cheap? There are many tales of Professional Wrestlers coming up with ways to squeeze their paycheck a little further. The late Bruiser Brody (Frank Goodish) was a man who made a lot of money, but was one of the few that knew how to spend it. One of his more notorious methods was taking and eating canned food on the road.

I decided to make my own variant of a canned dish not just for the road, but for a very healthy and dirt cheap food for those trying to grow muscle, since keto also requires fat as well as protein. If you want to be a real cheapskate, two out of the four ingredients are usually found at a gas station as free condiments.

You want to get cheap? Here's some Brody Salad!

1 can of green beans (I prefer french cut)

1 can of tuna

Relish packet to taste

Mayonnaise packet to taste.


(Optional) Lemon Juice packet

(Optional) Can opener for non-pop tops.


Step One

Pop open the can of green beans completely and keep the cover on once it's open. Turn it upside-down and press the water out. It can be emptied in a sink or in the grass, depending on where you are. Remove metal top!


Step Two

Either take small packets of mayo and relish with you on the trip, find them at the gas station, or use a station's condiment section to fill the top of the beans. The more mayo you put in, the less dry the tuna will be. Why mayo and relish? It's instant tartar sauce if you add a little lemon. 


Step Three

Pop or remove the top off of the tuna, keep the top on after it's out, and press the water out of the tuna like the green beans. It's best to fork in the tuna and mix it, but it will fit inside the bean can perfectly over time. If you find it too dry, add more mayo. If it needs more kick, add more relish. I personally prefer the dill relish, but the sweet one gives a nice kick. A little sweet relish goes a long way, so try to use about half.


Step Four

Eat it out of the can.


Step Five (Optional but Important)

Don't be a jerk if you took the condiments from the gas station and buy a bottle of water or those two-for-one deals on hot dogs. This is "Cheap" College Cooking, not free!


Assuming that you got the packets of mayo and relish or stopped at a gas station, here are the prices of green beans and tuna as of the publication of this article. Do note that green beans are generally going to be out around the COVID times because they are cheap and easy to cook. These are Walmart prices, by the way. FYI, tuna isn't one of those things that you should buy cheaper if you are looking for taste. SunKist is my tuna of choice.

Green Beans: Great Value: $.50, Libby's 4 Pack; 2.64 

Tuna: SunKist 4 Pack (Chunk Lite Tuna); 3.98, (... if you absolutely HAVE to go cheap...) Great Value 4 pack (Chunk Lite Tuna) , 2.96

So, if you get the 4 packs, and 4 of the Great Value beans, you feed your entire car for 5.98 + whatever drink you get at the Gas Station.

It's not a big tribute to one heck of a Professional Wrestling Legend, but if more of the boys ate it, it would be a wonderful tribute and reminder that even those with money could live wonderful lives by eating simple.

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Sarah Whitaker

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