10 Ways To Run An Instagram Contests

By Che Kohler | Che Kohler | 10 Mar 2019

Instagram has become the social media platform of choice for over one billion users with the majority of them being young consumers brands would like to build a long lasting relationship with that could turn into a lifetime of purchases. Brands and small businesses are desperate to strengthen their followings on Instagram as they begin to realise the value and power of app and how it can aid in growing your business. 

If you’re struggling to gain traction on Instagram and your daily posts aren't helping much, perhaps its time to do something a little more interactive like running a giveaway. After all, everyone loves free stuff, right? Especially social media users. When done well an Instagram giveaway will result in more likes, follows, and shares – plus, these contests can be a lot of fun for you, too and make for a great brand building opportunity.

Instagram is a pretty simple and easy to use platform so play into what it already does and create simple contests that users can enter from their mobile phones without much hassle.

How do Instagram giveaways work?

There is a range of different approaches when it comes to running an Instagram giveaway, and there’s no right or wrong way. Your strategy for the Instagram giveaway is based on your objective and the types of actions that you ask your target audience to make. Take your audience’s preferences and desires into consideration; you can choose one of the following mechanisms.

As the popularity grows, you may want to consider doing variations or combinations of the following entry mechanisms.

1. Follow contest

Probably the most popular entry mechanisms and one brand should look at doing first to improve the size of their audiences is follow competitions. Asking users to follow your Instagram account within a short period like a week or a month and remain a follower will see your follow numbers improve and could be cheaper than buying followers or running follow ad campaigns. 

Protip! You can also use Instagram ads in combination with your contest to double down on growth. 

2. "Like to win" contest

These are the simplest Instagram giveaways to run since you’re asking people to perform the most popular function on Instagram, which is liking a post. If you're still in the early days of building your audience and account, then this is a great option since you’re not taking the risk of alienating anyone by asking them to do too much.

3. Tag a friend contest

To double the reach of each entry you can use a tag a friend mechanism. In this giveaway, followers are asked to leave a comment and tag a friend in your post for a chance to win. This helps improve the reach of your competition and expose your brand to users you may not have reached. Otherwise, it also has the added benefit of having a friend endorse your profile to another.

4. Post a picture contest

If you have a more active audience, you can begin to ask for more of them and make your contests more interactive or exclusive. Ask followers to post a picture relevant to your brand (such as using or wearing a product) along with a contest-specific hashtag. 

Note: If you do not require selfies, you’ll get better engagement by including those selfie-averse followers.

5. Create an Instagram story contest

Instagram stories are still fairly new, and adoption of the medium continues to grow, more users are starting to view and create stories, and the reach can last even longer since they live above the fold. Ask users to create a story and pin it to their profile for the competition period and then to tag your account. This will help you leverage your followers' network to grow your brands reach.

Users who enter can let you know they've entered via a comment on your original post, and you can pick the winners that way which improves engagement on your posts.

To get the rest of the competition mechanisms then view the full post here

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