SANDUSDT: 20/3/2022

By Credev1 | Chart Analysis | 20 Mar 2022

The Sandbox is a decentralized virtual reality based on Ethereum. SAND is the Ethereum-token based used to buy nft, land and equipment in the metaverse. Looking at charts, I personally see a great opportunity for this token to rise. 



After a huge pump, price started to drop and lost almost 70% of its maximum value. Actually, SAND is worth a little more than 3$, maintaining the support of 2.65$ zone since february 24th. This price was also tested at middle january (22/23/24), and in november 2021, just before the rise at more than 8$ for token. The downtrend was broken 3 days ago and retested, giving the impression (at least to me) that it doesn't want to turn back.



In H1 chart the retest can be seen more detailed: price seems to hover the 3.05$ mark, making SAND holders hope for a new bull run. Since I am trading since I have majority age, I see this as an opportunity, and I bought SAND. THIS IS NOT A FINANCIAL ADVICE (do i really have to write that?), INVEST WITH YOUR STRATEGIES AND YOUR HEAD.  

I hope this may have created some good ideas to you to enter or avoid this token, see you with next article.







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When Bitcoin was @ 200$, my father should just have listened me!

Chart Analysis
Chart Analysis

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