14th march 2021

March 14th, 2021

By Charlie Milo Lou | Charlie Milo Lou | 14 Mar 2021



Red : Thione Seck just died today.

Orange : I don't know this guy but Alain Bashung died the same day in 2009.

Red : He was a Senegalese singer. Not super famous in France. I don't know Alain Bashung by the way.

Orange : He was a singer to, but a french one. Really famous during the 90's.

Yellow : As you're talking about dead famous people, Karl Marx died the march 14 in 1883 and Stephen Hawking the 14th march 2018. At least with those ones you're sure everybody know them.

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Charlie Milo Lou
Charlie Milo Lou

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Charlie Milo Lou
Charlie Milo Lou

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