The Starry Eye

By CharlesAldux | CharlesAldux | 8 Apr 2022

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By: Charles Aldux


The Starry Eye

I gaze upon the starry eye.
That when I look, it pauses time.
With such beauty, I can't deny.
When I look into them I cannot lie.
Such eyes none can buy.
We gaze into each other's eyes, it is a tie.
When I wake up next to the one with the starry eye,
I begin to sigh.
A sigh of relief since harm could not pry.
Pry away this being from the arms of mine.
But when the day comes when the sun doesn't shine.
And I can no longer see the constellations in her starry eyes.
And hope no longer rises no matter how hard I try.
The day where I neither heard a hello nor a goodbye.
That's the day I cry.
And all the stars in the sky too will not survive.

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Welcome to Charles Aldux's Literary Blog. As of 2022 I will have been writing Poetry for 13 years starting back when I was 12. I also write essays and short stories. Charles Aldux is a pseudonym consisting of a combination between my middle name Charles and the author of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley.

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