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The Rendezvous Beyond The Stars

By CharlesAldux | CharlesAldux | 13 Mar 2022

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The Rendezvous Beyond The Stars 

The Rendezvous Beyond The Stars
A 2022 Poem
By: Charles Aldux
8:02 a.m. - 8:09 a.m.

Beyond the stars, will you meet me there?
Across from the void of time.
Where all is finally lucid and clear.

Won't it be nice to talk it over?
Of things that were once thought as great.
Yet would have been better without exposure.

Of a time where I wish to have begun.
T'was a decision I wish I had never made.
A battle that was never to be won.

The sadness involved with the death of me.
Wondering if we'd ever meet.
On that fact I will have to face it eternally.

To myself this is who it's to.
I will never see myself.
I'm my captain without a crew.

In the seat of power I do sit.
Without a reason to move.
As I age, my eyes will become less lit.

The thrusters of the ship I fly,
Will keep their current direction.
Until at the end when I will die.

But will you be there before the end?
When the stars are no longer placed?
Where shapes bend and colors blend?

That will be a travesty in this race.
When I will look one final time in the mirror.
Noticing you, the man without a face.

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