The Land of the Undead Ravens

By CharlesAldux | CharlesAldux | 10 Apr 2022

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by: Charles Aldux

7 A.M. CST



The Land of the Undead Ravens

Do not leave me where undead ravens lie.

Where their beaks are necrotic.

And the birds invoke chaos to the psyche far deeper than just neurotic.

Of a place where it is said where I will eternally lie.

And flying stones are always circling by.

To this place if seen,

Tis worse than any horrid dream.

The barren grass is a color so unnatural making it not seem serene.

It would make anyone in slumber wish to arise.

Of sounds of an endless somber rain.

It would spark an extreme amount of pain.

In these barren lands I would hate to remain.

But it is summoning the name of mine.

Dare I respond?

Dare I try,

To leave this land where I may never die?

The dark dominion has a grasp on my very bones and digs its claws into my thighs.

Please take me away from here.

From the land of undead ravens where there is no cessation to the amount of tears I cry. 

For no living soul is near.


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Welcome to Charles Aldux's Literary Blog. As of 2022 I will have been writing Poetry for 13 years starting back when I was 12. I also write essays and short stories. Charles Aldux is a pseudonym consisting of a combination between my middle name Charles and the author of Brave New World, Aldous Huxley.

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