"It is too hard to disbelieve. That you are the final breath that I must breathe."

Sinking Under Fallen Skies (A song Lyric)

By CharlesAldux | CharlesAldux | 4 May 2022

By: Charles Aldux

A song lyric dedicated to my girlfriend set in the future



Sinking Under Fallen Skies

I’m sinking under fallen skies.

Where all I see are your eyes.

Will you be there to watch me die?

The waters are still.

As there is no wind.

I’ll wish to ask, how all has been?


The final warmth that I will feel.

Will be the final thing that'll be real.

Your face is warm as are your hands.

You make it known what was unrevealed.

As you’re the key to unlock the seal.


I’d hate to see these falling skies.

As I am your only guy.

Don’t let me die.

These waters are all too still.

I love the way you make me feel.

The pain I felt no longer feels real.

As you’re the only one I perceive.

It is too hard to disbelieve.

That you are the final breath I must breathe.

The religious goddess that I believe.

My heart is what you have seized.


Now I am sure that it is time.

For you have inspired what I rhyme.

So from the first time since my birth.

I feel it is finally time to leave this earth.

My anxiety has finally fled.

And I'll remember you even if I'm dead.

Once it is gone,

My final breath.

I'll be able to kiss you.

At least in my head.

My love for you will see its worth.

As I lay my head down to rest.

Rest in the dirt.

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