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Pitchman: The Merchant of Lies (With glossary)

By CharlesAldux | CharlesAldux | 23 Jun 2022


By: Charles Aldux


Pitchman: The Merchant of Lies

Why do you continue to taunt?

What is it that you want?

I walk as if I maunder.

You continue to flaunt.

It deeply cuts as it is flagrant.

I deeply hate it as when I am nigh, you are rancidly fragrant.

And so I feel trapped as if I remain in some gaunt.


Why won't you let me be?

You leave me in a state of insanity.

Leaving me to maunder.

I know you were deceived.

Don't you have any comity?


The lies I know you have bought.

From the merchant of greed and rot.

What of this gullish cack,

Do you expect me to believe?

Impregnating your very mind so much that you appear to be crassulently conceived.

And I hate you and your every thought.


As you are the one who purchases from the merchant that I despise.

The one who purchased you.

And sold you just as others, as propagandists of lies.

And only I, can sense your cries.

But you find this all recondite.

And so I cannot remain commonplace.

I will not remain polite.


And so I call you stupid and a fool.

As unlike you I am not viewing this all as abditive.

I shalln't abide.

For there is no good abodement.

Nary a wholesome abodement from the Merchant of such lies.

The one full of greed.

Full of a bog's mire and clay.

The merchant with a head adorned ever cornigerous that has a will of a pitchman.

And you have fallen for a trust that exerts what pries.

And I must apologize for I cannot remain commonplace for the both of you I must now despise.


Maunder- to walk in a dreamlike manner

Flagrant- harmful, hurtful, detestable, hateful.

Nigh- near

Rancidly- horribly disgusting

Gaunt- a building or other place that is grim or desolate.

Comity- courteousness

Gullish- stupid

Cack- ridiculous; foolish

Crassulent/ Crassulently- very fat or disgustingly obese

Propagandists- people who follow cacodoxy or in other words propaganda

Recondite- Mysterious as being without preconceived knowledge of

Commonplace- normal or in this case to remain normal or calm.

Abditive- hidden, as of from sight or otherwise.

Abide- to follow or agree with

Abodement- an omen

Bog- a swamp or lagoon

Cornigerous- horned

Pitchman- one who creates ideas and is typically good at either spreading them and/or selling them.

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