Save Argentinian Animal Sanctuary impacted by COVID-19

Save Argentinian Animal Sanctuary impacted by COVID-19

By benlakoff | Charities | 19 Mar 2020


Proyecto Carayá - Argentine Center for Rescue, Rehabilitation and Conservation of Primates   Proyecto Caraya is the first and only primate rehabilitation center in Argentina, and the only one in the world that works with black howler monkeys.

Unfortunately, on 18-March-20, as a result of COVID-19, the Caraya Sanctuary is closed to visitors and volunteers.


The IMPACT of this closure is the immediate loss of the the ONLY income the sanctuary gets from visitors and a loss of many of the volunteer workers.

Proyecto Caraya receives NO support from the government or companies at the moment.  

At the moment Caraya is taking care of more than 170 monkeys, 40 dogs, 7 pumas that completely depend on their food supplies. Caraya is also home for llamas, donkeys, vizcachas, wild pumas a many other animals but they supply themselves with food that grows in the fields.  


Caraya buys fruit, vegetables, meat, chicken, noodles, rice, polenta, soy, bread, milk, cereals and dog food two or three times a week (depending on the demand). This total is typically:

$22.000 per week (approx): USD 350 (appox) *

$88.000 per month (approx): USD 1400 (appox) *

*These numbers are approximate because of the inflation and the different types of dollar changes in the country   These amounts do not show the expense of gas, electricity, petrol, materials for working, medicine and the taxis that we are currently using for buy all the supplies downtown because we don’t have access to a vehicle at the moment.  


A small amount can go a long way....  

DONATE today and help save the sanctuary. They need our help.

Alternatively, using 2key, you can forward on the link, and if someone donates, you earn a reward (which you can donate, or spend).

Help us spread the word, earn rewards by spreading and help save Caraya.


DONATE in CRYPTO or REFER (and earn) HERE: 


Or Donate directly to Caraya HERE:




Established charities even have well-paid staff dedicated exclusively to fundraising. Smaller charities cannot afford such a luxury, and really committed charities shrink at the idea of using the hard raised funds for their own benefit instead of the cause they are championing. Those have hard-working staff, juggling between their dayjob, their duties for the charities and the always insufficient funds they somehow have to find.

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