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By irock | Channel | 20 Dec 2020

         I could help with peace love and friendship am with people who never understand this felt we loosing a lot of that in our various dwelling sitting on my edge to show and tell about my experience no negative to show fort felt we needed some consideration, we quickly adapt to the call decreasing, merging with untrue quality which don't help it weary us down tormenting our head for hate compromising our belief hindering our goals.
We would spend much time talking about relevant issues about things we should have done the ones we neglected leaving out on the absent love we pursued we lacked that in communication we never had ability of reading minds we can't tell from our demands, we wouldn't relate when necessary but came crying hearts racing for some love we wouldn't show we deserved.

Note accidents has its unique purpose to see actual meaning use your brain to realize, known too well my company where of no use still alignment were never ceased after several reason too see light in we I wasn't keeping to myself making invaluable assistance we should see the hate seizing to our love reading signs relenting for strength this wasn't suppose to be real didn't had plans on building one avoiding self from so much of them, expecting less my feelings started feeding to my thoughts what good we should do staying less idle to my weakness thinking of my baby who thinks am living freely jump in come fly through my sky(ies) filled with maroon butterflies.
Independent world traveling words of choice making sense shared among common mind had to hear mine into existence paving with signs of destruction became hazardous labelled arrogant my baby saga me on with stories hurtful ones about mine ceasing them already known to the script I experienced them we could still change mine as ours.

Isolation is like disease would die so many times alone in my thought killing signs of weakness finding strength inside of me came back to my loved one with hopes of putting big smiles on her face, she missed me alot.

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making my line in place with what is felt conversing with this and me it felt hard maintaining composure feeling detest for more of them.

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