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Sometimes faucets aren't enough for the passive-crypto fanatics. I get that. In a world that's running around the clock, sometimes it's best to do something in your off-time, but we have it so seldom that it's a nigh improbable feat to get any. That's why I got a list of what I consider to be 4 of the best ways to gain some extra crypto in your wallet during your routine latrine visit.

Kicking this list off with...

4. PreSearch.org

This one is a no-brainer. PreSearch is a search engine that's built on a decentralized network, meaning you search anonymously. Additionally, they give you 0.12 PRE token per every search. I actually find their search API very nice as well.


Furthermore, it gives you a nice button layout to immediately jump from Pre to Google, DuckDuckGo and YouTube (and so many more) with your search query instantly! If you hate Google or the Duck, Give PreSearch a try. You won't regret it.

3. PiNetwork's App

If you've heard of Stanford University, they've made their own cryptocurrency! Pi coin, or PI has been around for a few years now. And it's just nearing the end of it's beginning phase. Meaning now is the right time to head over to Google Play or the App Store and grab a copy, and start collecting Pi by checking in with their app everyday. 


However, they will hold Pi in escrow until it's finished with the phase two of it's project, and then will begin to pay out. Try this one out if you want a "Set it and Forget it" solution to earn crypto passively.

2. Earnathon

If you love learning about cryptocurrencies, why not Earn and Learn? Earnathon has been a reputable solution for passive crypto income for quite a long time now. They just finished their XEND courses, which paid out 2 XEND to finish a 3 video course! It was super short from my usage. 


And considering they're offering more quite soon, maybe this will be the one if you're sick of the grind on low-payout passive solutions to gain a little extra in your crypto-wallets.

1. Hi Dollar

Hi!, or Hi-dollar is a pretty new token to the scene. That's the perfect time to invest! Or better yet, get free tokens. However, you need a phone number, WhatsApp or Telegram currently. They do have a web-app, and it's pretty nice!


Additionally, if you use the web-app at the top to sign up, mention "CLOCKW3RK" when it asks for a nickname to get an extra 0.5 HI free! You can put that in after you confirm your phone number via text. 

BONUS; CoinMarketCaps Learn to Earn

Right now, CoinMarketCap is offering a similar Learn to Earn program. As I've only heard about this one via word of mouth, it's only a bonus and didn't make the list.


Similar to Earnathon, but some key differences are that it has it's own API for coin prices built in, among many other quality-of-life features you don't see many other places offer.

Drawing to a close, those are my personal favorite ways to passively put some extra tokens and cryptos where they belong. In your ownership.

See you in the next article!

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