SBF and Politics

SBF will not face Second Trial and Politicians will not face the Music

By Yugocean | Champion | 30 Dec 2023

     The prosecutors dropped pending cases against SBF. The prosecutor does not need to provide an explanation because it is obvious.


No More Trial but No Respite for SBF

     Scam King SBF (Sam Bankman-Fried) has been convicted for the FTX scam. SBF's sentence is to be announced after the hearing on six other charges in March 2024. However, the US prosecutors have dropped those pending charges, so there will be no new SBF trial. SBF still gets up to 150 years in prison for the FTX scam.


The decision is politically motivated

      The dropped charges relate to SBF diverting scam money to the election contributions of Democratic lawmakers. The politicians will have to empty their coffers before the elections if the trial results in a court ruling requiring them to return the funds. It is obvious that the prosecution was under political pressure.

Sinners are Winners

     Under duress, Democratic lawmakers have frequently made empty promises to reimburse SBF funds, only to back out later. For SBF, an extra sentence won't have any effect because SBF has to spend his life in jail. Dropping those charges, however, has merely provided the guilty politicians with immense relief from scam money.

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