I’m not fickle

By scorpiongrace | Life Began | 7 Jun 2020


I'm not fickle but I'm phenomenal

Now the life has become more professional 

Rather I act and think later

Perhaps, the day will get better I can't control what other's think

Therefore, I decide to browse and not to sink 

We live under the same sky with different pain,

Colour and looks are different nothing's same,

We share, we care, we thrive for the life

We cry, we smile, we work for every bite  As the situations passes by we learn

To gain what we want we become stern

Everyday's not the celebration 

Sometimes we just need to find inspiration 

Every shuttle changes in life matters 

When we find ourselves nowhere but scattered

What we say and what we mean

When we converse they may not always twin 

I'm not fickle but I'm phenomenal   

Now the life has become more professional

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Life Began
Life Began

Everyone has their own way of learning and i learn through these voices.

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