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LossLess is the Latest Project Using ChainPort’s Blockchain Bridge

By Melusine | ChainPort | 29 Jul 2021

By Maximiliano Stochyk Duarte



  • LossLess is another great project that has been listed on ChainPort and is using its blockchain bridges
  • Lossless is a decentralized platform that protects tokens from exploitation by detecting, freezing, and reversing fraudulent transactions.
  • ChainPort is a protocol that bridges cryptocurrencies over to various different blockchains

ChainPort is quickly becoming an immensely popular blockchain bridge. Just recently, another great project, LossLess listed on ChainPort and is using our blockchain bridges. LossLess’s $LSS tokens can now be transferred between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in just a few clicks via ChainPort.

Listing on ChainPort gives the $LSS token the ability to be interoperable on Ethereum and BSC. Interoperability allows $LSS tokens to interact with the DApps on both Ethereum & BSC, thus allowing them to be available on the DEXes of both these networks.

Access Ethereum & BSC

LossLess is using ChainPort’s blockchain bridge to gain access to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) from Ethereum. All $LSS tokens can now easily be transferred between Ethereum and BSC.

The ability to transfer between Ethereum & BSC via ChainPort gives $LSS tokens the opportunity to interact with the DApps on both these blockchains. This opens up $LSS tokens, which were previously only available on Ethereum, to new markets on the decentralized exchanges (DEXes) of BSC.

The LossLess listing on ChainPort will further bolster the adoption of ChainPort and could help bring more liquidity to $LSS tokens. $LSS tokens have the potential to gain a lot of liquidity and holders since they will be available to traders on both Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain at the same time.

About LossLess

LossLess is a decentralized platform that protects tokens from exploitation by detecting and freezing fraudulent transactions. LossLess uses a collection of bots to find fraudulent transactions and freezes them. Frozen transactions are assessed for validation, and if it truly is fraudulent then the funds will be sent back to the original address.

About ChainPort

Chainport is one of the first permissionless bridges between blockchains. Anyone can freely use Chainport's highly interactive user interface to port tokens over to different blockchains. As of right now Chainport only provides a bridge between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), but bridges to and from more networks will be added very soon.

With so many blockchains in the space right now interoperability is considered by many the most important route for the future. Chainport aims to have fully operable bridges between Ethereum, BSC, Polygon, Polkadot, and Cardano. Any token ported over between blockchains using ChainPort is fully operable there and can interact with any of the DApps on the Networks.

$LSS Binance Smart Chain Address: 0xf7686f43591302cd9b4b9c4fe1291473fae7d9c9

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